What is the second last banking day?

On your NAB Reward Saver account, you can earn bonus interest when you make at least one deposit on or before the second last banking day of the month and no withdrawals. A banking day is any day that isn't a weekend or an Australia-wide public holiday.

The table below shows the second last banking day of the month for 2023. This is the date your NAB Reward Saver account will need to receive a deposit by to receive the bonus interest.

Calendar month Second last banking day of the month (2023)
January Monday 30th January
February Monday 27th February
March Thursday 30th March
April Thursday 27th April
May Tuesday 30th May
June Thursday 29th June
July Friday 28th July
August Wednesday 30th August
September Thursday 28th September
October Monday 30th October
November Wednesday 29th November
December Thursday 28th December

Other account options to consider

If you would also like to open a transaction account, you can apply for one within your NAB Reward Saver application.

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