Assumptions about this calculator

Minimum monthly payment

We assume that the minimum monthly payment is 2% of the full card balance on your current credit card(s) and your chosen NAB credit card. We also assume that no extra payments are being made to your card(s). We assume no purchases are made during the first statement period.

Annual fees

We assume that the annual fee for your current credit card(s) is due in the month that you transfer the balance to NAB.

How to use the balance transfer calculator

1. Tell us about your current credit card. We’ll ask you for the:

  • current balance
  • variable purchase interest rate
  • annual fee
  • bank that the card is held with and the card scheme (e.g. Visa, Mastercard).

You can enter details for up to five different cards. 


  • Current credit card balance: $3,000
  • Card provider: Commonwealth Bank
  • Card scheme: Visa
  • Annual fee: $30
  • Interest rate: 22.40% p.a.

2. Select See estimated savings to see your results. We’ll show you which NAB credit card product will give you the most savings over a period. You’ll also be able to see what your first monthly payment might be, and other details of the card itself, such as the annual fee.

Example: NAB Low Fee Card

  • Savings: $581 (over 12 months)
  • Balance transfer promotional offer: 0% for 12 months with 3% balance transfer fee
  • Minimum monthly payment (in first month): $63
  • Annual fee: $30
  • Minimum credit limit: $1000
  • Variable purchase rate: 19.74%

Here’s how we calculate your result:

  • We apply our balance transfer promotional rate to your current credit card balance.
  • We add the annual fee and balance transfer fee that will be applied to your balance once you open your new NAB credit card account. The annual fee will attract the variable purchase rate however, the balance transfer fee will attract the balance transfer promotional rate.
  • We consider the length of any special offers. For example, if NAB’s balance transfer offer is for longer than 12 months, then any additional years’ annual fees are also included in the calculation.
  • The estimated savings calculation doesn't factor in the promotional first year annual fee waiver on a new NAB Low Rate Card.

If you request a balance transfer on a new NAB credit card, our credit assessment criteria will apply. Depending on our assessment, you might not be eligible to transfer the full balance on your current credit card/s. NAB’s balance transfer terms and conditions apply to all balance transfer requests.

CANSTAR Pty Ltd supplies rates, fees and product data and are updated daily.

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