Calculator information

The Balance Transfer Calculator estimates the amount you may be able to save by transferring your non-nab Credit Card balance to a NAB credit card product. We’ll leave you to put in the amount you’re thinking of transferring and either select your current non-nab Credit Card product or manually enter your non-nab Credit Card product’s interest rate.

Any request by you to transfer this amount will be subject to our assessment of your credit application. So keep in mind, you may not be eligible for a balance transfer for the full amount on your existing cards.

CANSTAR Pty Ltd supplies rates, fees and product data, updated daily, for us to calculate your estimated savings. Rates and fees are as at the close of business on the day before publication and may change after that time.


Calculator assumptions

Interest rate

The interest rate displayed is our current balance transfer promotional interest rate for the selected NAB Credit Card product.

All rates displayed are per annum.


This calculator only takes into account the current standard non-NAB Credit Card product’s purchase interest rate. You’ll also need to consider what other fees and charges apply to your current card and any discounts, or promotional offers that you are currently getting, to assess any savings.

The estimated savings also takes into account any fees applicable to your new NAB Credit Card product, including any Balance Transfer fee and Annual Card fee that may apply.

We recommend you read the product web pages on this site and understand what fees and charges will apply to more accurately assess any savings.

Monthly repayments

The estimated savings assumes that during the promotional period you make no cash advances and make the minimum monthly repayments each month required under the terms and conditions.