What is Online Secure?

Online Secure includes the services Visa secure (previously branded Verified by Visa) and eftpos Secure. It’s a service that provides increased protection from potential fraud when shopping online.

This service is free for NAB customers.

When you shop with a participating retailer, Visa Secure and eftpos Secure provide an additional layer of validation at the checkout to verify your identity. This validation helps protect against unauthorised use of your NAB Visa credit and debit cards.

You can still shop online with other retailers, but without this extra layer of security. To check whether you’re using Visa Secure or eftpos Secure look for their logo when online shopping.

Read how you can take other steps to protect yourself when shopping online.

How does Online Secure work?

You don’t need to register for Visa Secure or eftpos Secure. You’ll need a valid mobile number registered with NAB to receive a security code. Additional cardholders can use Visa Secure and eftpos Secure using their own details.

If you’re using a NAB Corporate Card, you may also need your Online Shopping ID (OSID) which is found on the back of your credit card above the magnetic stripe.

This is how to make a purchase with Visa Secure and eftpos Secure:

  1. Make a purchase online with a participating retailer and proceed to the checkout.
  2. A ‘Payment Authorisation’ screen will appear to verify the card owner is making the purchase.
  3. You'll receive a security code to your registered mobile phone number to verify your identity.
  4. Enter the security code into the ‘Payment Authorisation’ screen following the prompts.
  5. If prompted, enter your Online Shopping ID (OSID).
  6. Authentication is complete if the verification is successful.

Trouble receiving your security code?

If you’ve checked messages on your device and you’ve not received your security code, call us on the phone number that appears on the back of your card.

It’s possible the mobile number you’ve registered with us needs updating.

How to use Online Secure while travelling overseas

You can still shop online using Visa Secure if you’re travelling overseas. The same process applies.

Before you travel, download the NAB app. It’s the most reliable way of receiving important notifications and the best way to notify us when you’re going overseas. It helps keep your cards active and your money safe.

Security tips for shopping online

When shopping online, ensure the retailer is a using a secure site and only provide card and personal information on a website you recognise and trust.

Here are some other helpful tips to shop safely online. Or read how to keep your credit card secure.

What to do in case of fraud

If you suspect a fraudulent purchase has been made using your NAB credit or debit card, you should contact NAB using the number on the back of your card as soon as you can.

Need further assistance?

If you need help, call us using the telephone number on the back of your card and quote “Visa Secure” or “eftpos Secure”. Quoting Visa Secure or eftpos Secure helps us direct your call to a team who can answer your questions quickly.

You can read more about Visa Security, opens in new window on Visa’s website.

You can read more about eftpos Security, opens in new window on eftpos website.

Important information

Read about your obligations when using electronic banking. NAB Electronic Banking (cards-based) Terms and Conditions (PDF, 207KB), opens in new window.