Things to know about keeping your accounts safe while travelling

  • If you let us know where and when you’re travelling, we can more accurately monitor your transactions for suspicious activity while you’re away.
  • Both primary and additional cardholders will need to let us know that they’re travelling.
  • It’s also important to make sure that you follow simple card safety tips when using ATM’s or shopping overseas.

Steps to notify us of your travel plans

Use the NAB app on your preferred device or NAB Internet Banking through a web browser.

NAB app

Instructions for all mobile devices

  1. Log into the NAB app on your preferred device.

  2. If using iOS tap More in the menu. If using Android tap the Menu icon.

  3. Tap Travel from the menu list.

  4. Tap Add a trip.

  5. Specify the country you’re travelling to then tap Next.

  6. Tap Departing to specify your departure date.

  7. Select a date from the calendar, then tap Apply.

  8. Tap Returning to specify your return date.

  9. Select a date from the calendar, then tap Apply.

  10. Tap Next.

  11. Specify your email address and/or mobile number, then tap Next.

  12. Select the toggle switch to specify whether while overseas you plan to ‘Use ATMs frequently’ or ‘Make large purchases’.

  13. Your travel notice has now been recorded with NAB.

  14. You can always add or remove a country, or change the date of your trip, by tapping Edit or Delete.

NAB Internet Banking

Instructions for web browsers

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking with your 8 to 10-digit NAB ID and password.

  2. Select Profile & Settings from the menu.

  3. Select ‘Travel notifications’ from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the field labelled ‘Where are you going?’ start typing the first country you’re travelling to.

  5. When the country you want appears, add it to the trip. You can add multiple countries.

  6. Enter your departure and return dates or choose the calendar icon to select dates.

  7. In the field labelled ‘In case we need to contact you’, add an email address and or mobile number we can contact you on while you’re on holidays.

  8. In the filed labelled ‘Overseas I plan to’, use the toggle switch to specify how you’ll use your cards.

  9. Your travel notification has been submitted. You can always update the details by selecting Edit or Delete.

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