Modifying your payments

Direct debit payments

Select your loan

Log into the NAB app and select your home loan from the available accounts.

Direct debit payments

View scheduled payments

From your home loan account, tap the Scheduled tab and select the direct debit you wish to modify.

Direct debit payments

Modify and confirm

Choose a new payment amount and/or frequency for your direct debit and follow the prompts to review and save.

How to change your direct debit payments

If you have a home loan with a direct debit, you may be able to increase or decrease your direct debit payment amount and change the frequency of your payments if you’re eligible.

  1. Login to the NAB app.
  2. Tap Home Loan.
  3. In the My Home Loan screen, tap Scheduled.
  4. In the Scheduled screen, tap the direct debit you want to amend - the Payment Scheduled screen will display your direct debit details.
  5. Modify your direct debit details - the Payment Confirmation screen will display your updated direct debit details.1
  6. Your contracted payment details, direct debit frequency and amount will be displayed.
  7. Select a new payment amount and/or frequency.
  8. Tap Confirm to continue - the Payment Modified screen will display your amended direct debit details.2

Frequently asked questions

Important information

1 This will only be possible if the Modify Payment feature is enabled.

2 You will receive a confirmation letter from NAB each time you make a modification to your direct debit payments.

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