One of the benefits of making extra repayments on your home loan is being able to redraw some of those funds when you need them. To make the most of this feature of your home loan we explain how it works and how you can use redraw to achieve small or large goals.

Give me the main points

  • If you’ve made extra payments on your home loan and it has a variable interest rate, you may be able to access some of these funds with a redraw.
  • A redraw facility gives you the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing you may have a flexible source of funds sitting in your home loan account for any planned or unexpected events
  • An added bonus of making extra repayments is that you are reducing the amount of interest you pay on your home loan.
  • Redraw is usually available with all NAB variable rate home loans. If you have a fixed rate loan, redraw is only available at the end of the fixed rate period.
  • If your loan has a variable rate, you can make unlimited extra repayments without economic costs. However with a fixed interest rate, if you pay ahead more than $20,000 during a fixed rate period, you may have to pay economic costs.
  • Redrawing on your home loan can be cheaper than using your credit card or personal loan as there is generally a lower interest rate.

What is redraw?

Chances are if you’ve made a habit of paying more than your minimum scheduled repayments, then you’ll have money available for redraw from your home loan.

You may want to use this money to pay for unexpected expenses that pop up or for planned things such as holidays, renovations, school fees or a new car just to name a few. (You can’t use your redraw for business purposes.)

There may be some circumstances where redraw is not available to you. For example:

  • If you have a fixed rate loan, redraw is only available at the end of the fixed rate period (i.e. when the rate becomes variable)
  • Redraw is not available for construction loans or Defence Home Owners Loan

Please speak to a NAB home loan specialist on 13 40 83 to discuss your options.

Features of redraw

With our redraw facility there’s no redraw fee, you can redraw as little as $500 or up to $150,000 and you can redraw as often as you like. You can access all the funds you are ahead by minus one month’s scheduled repayment.

After you redraw money from your home loan, you must continue to make your regular repayments. But you must remember that the interest part of your repayments will increase because you are now paying interest on a higher loan amount.

What are the benefits of redraw?

Knowing that you may have a source of finance sitting there, in case you need it, can give you ‘peace of mind’. The extra money you pay off your home loan accumulates over time and it’s easy to access. You won’t need to apply for another type of credit or loan.

Using your redraw facility can be cheaper than using a credit card or personal loan as the interest charged on your home loan is usually lower than with other types of credit.

How do I use a redraw facility?

You can use internet banking to see if redraw is available with your loan and how much you have available to use. If you have funds available you can redraw these straight away in internet banking.

You can also chat to a banking specialist in branch or call us on 13 40 83 to discuss your redraw options.

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