Open for inspections are your opportunity to show off your home to prospective buyers – and you only get one chance to make that first impression. Those little finishing touches can make all the difference to how buyers can see the potential for your home becoming their home. Here are some tips to give you the best chance of a great sales result.

Let's get your home looking its best

Set the vibe

Hide family photos. Potential buyers find it hard to imagine themselves living in the property when there are photos of your own *cough* better-looking family.

Play ambient music. Set a relaxing mood in your property.

Put beautiful flowers around. They brighten up any room, and you can tell your friends that they were a gift from your local café’s cute barista.

Get the temperature right. We all love that relief of walking into a cool house on a 35-degree day, or the warmth of a heated room in winter.

Show off key features. Buyers love ‘wow’ features like a fireplace or outdoor spa. Got something to flaunt? Turn it on to inspire buyers’ imaginations.

Get a petsitter. Some buyers might be put off by seeing Snoopy and Winston Purrchill.

Clean and bright

Put away the clutter. Adopt the three-items-per-surface rule.

A breath of fresh air. Open windows two hours before the inspection start time, and consider scented candles or air fresheners.

Give the garden a tidy up. Weed, mow the lawn, trim plants, and neaten it up.

Let there be light. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much as light as possible.

Have a friend inspect. Ask that friend whose home is super clean and who’d tell you that you look tired on your wedding day. You want an honest view on cleanliness, and what they like.

Watch this space

Open the place up. Is your bookshelf full of novels you’d like to read if Netflix, exercise and responsibilities didn’t exist? Put stuff you don’t really need into storage to make your property feel more open.

Pay extra attention to the front. First impressions count, so make sure your house number is readable, and your entrance is spotless from the curb through the front door.

Think of buyers’ needs, not yours. Go through your property and store away items that likely won’t appeal to your target buyer. This will also free up space.

Give each room one purpose. This is especially important for spare rooms. You should have enough furniture that the room feels homely without being cluttered.

Look after yourself

Living in your house during the inspection period can be challenging. A lot of your stuff is in storage, you might be living with hired furniture and decorations, and you have to ensure your home is clean for each inspection day. And that’s not even including all those unpaid, part-time jobs you might have as your family’s personal taxi driver, cleaner and chef.

So take the extra steps to look after yourself. If there’s ever a time to lean on friends and family – or cash in that day spa voucher – it’s now.

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