What is PayTo?

PayTo is a new, secure, digital payment option using your bank account.

PayTo agreements are an alternative to a direct debit that give you more visibility and control over recurring bills, subscriptions and memberships. The agreements are managed directly within the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking, where you can view, authorise and cancel agreements yourself.

You can also use PayTo to make payments without a card, like in-app purchases or for online shopping.

Benefits of PayTo

Use your bank account to pay your way.


PayTo is a safe payment option using the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking.


Spend less time on life admin, with the ability to authorise, view and manage payments all in one place.


Payments made instantly, when they’re due – so you can set and forget.


Make payments without a card for subscriptions, bills, in-app purchases or online shopping. See when they’re due and the amount that will be debited.

How it works

There’s no need to download or sign up for any additional apps, it’s built into the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking.

A business or biller will set up a ‘PayTo agreement’ using your PayID® or account details for you to authorise and manage payments for goods and services. This could be a once-off or an occasional payment, or it could be a regular bill.

  1. Provide the biller or business your PayID or BSB and account number

  2. The business or biller will send you a new PayTo agreement via the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking for you to authorise or decline once you’ve logged in

  3. Once it’s set up, you can view, manage or cancel the agreement in the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking

A business or biller may also move (migrate) your existing Direct Debit arrangement to a PayTo agreement, with no action needed from you.

You can only authorise agreements to be debited from eligible NAB everyday personal transaction or savings accounts.

Need to set up a PayID?

Follow our easy-to-use guide to set up your own unique PayID, ready to use with PayTo.

Help and support

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PayID® is a registered trademark of NPP Australia Limited.