What to do after conditional approval

To finalise your application, we’ll need to verify some documents. You can help us by providing the documents in one of four ways:

  1. Use the upload your document(s) link on this webpage. 
  2. Follow the instructions in the email that we sent you. Please check your Spam folder in case it’s not in your Inbox.
  3. Log into Internet Banking (if you have an account activated) and upload your documents.
    1. Go to nab.com.au
    2. Login with your NAB ID and Password
    3. Go to Products tab and select “Applications”
    4. Click on your application and upload the documents.
  4. Email the documents to application.fulfilment@nab.com.au. Please include your Application Reference Number in the subject line.

How to fix incorrect application details

If you believe the details on your application are incorrect and need to be fixed, you can visit your nearest branch or speak with a banker on 13 13 12.

Assessing your application

We always take your entire financial situation into account, to make sure that any loans won’t result in financial hardship for you. Though your income may be adequate, we also look at things such as:

  • expenses
  • other loans
  • extended leave (e.g. parental leave) 
  • how you behave with your accounts. 

If you’re self-employed, we use the income included on your Notice of Assessment to determine your eligibility for a loan (even if you may earn more than this). This is because we need sufficient proof of actual income.

If you earn high risk income, we’ll take into account only a percentage of it because of the variable nature of this type of income.

High risk income types include:

  • casual income
  • rental income
  • foreign income
  • commissions or bonuses.

Uploading your documents

You don’t need to contact us to confirm or follow up on the status of the application. We’ll contact you if we need further documents or information to finalise the application. 

We recommend uploading all document(s) that you have ready and submit your online application first. 

Once the application is submitted, you’ll be assigned a case manager within two business days. If all the information and documents provided are sufficient and meet our lending criteria, we’ll progress your application. 

Receiving your personal loan funds

If we receive and verify all your supporting documents, we’ll credit your personal loan funds into your nominated account within two business days.

Receiving your credit card

If we receive and verify all your supporting documents, we’ll deliver your physical card within five business days.

Unsuccessful applications

An outcome can change from ‘conditionally approved’ to ‘declined’ if a difference in the application is found during verification. A common example of this is incorrectly calculating income or failing to include liabilities, for example payslips don’t match the income put into the application or forgetting to include a credit card. 

Our verifications team will let you know if additional documents are needed to prove income. If after this, we’re still unable to verify correctly, we’ll decline the application.

If you’ve been unsuccessful with your application, you still have options in the future. You’re welcome to re-apply for your credit card or personal loan after six months. Keeping up good account behaviours, or creditworthiness, will help in making sure you receive a successful outcome. Good account behaviours include: 

  • showing evidence of savings in your NAB bank accounts
  • making your repayments on existing loans when they’re due
  • paying extra towards your existing loans when you can
  • not overdrawing any existing NAB account.

If you have existing debt you can read our guides on managing your debts or if you want help with budgeting, you can read our budgeting and saving guides

If your circumstances are around financial difficulty, visit Ask Izzy, opens in new window. It’s a service that can connect you to essential support services like food, housing, and money help across Australia.

If you have existing debt with us, we may be able to help you with financial hardship

Report fraudulent activity

If you haven’t made an application with us and receive communications from us regarding an application, please contact us immediately on 13 22 65 or +61 3 8641 9083 and quote ‘fraud assist’ when prompted. Or for more information, please visit NAB Fraud Support

Contact us

If you would still like to talk to us about your application, call us on 13 13 12.

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