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Why choose NAB?

Investment and payment platforms

Manage your investments and remit currency via our online platforms. 

International investments

Quick and easy conversion and management of currency exposures derived from international investments.

Currency yield solutions

Help to optimise your potential returns by utilising our suite of yield enhancement products.

Advanced services

Make use of our Markets desk to better execute your trades as well as accessing 24-hour coverage. NAB Private clients have access to a dedicated Markets desk that can help provide solutions from simple currency payments right through to complex yield enhancement structures.

International investments

With more and more clients seeking access to International markets it is becoming increasingly common to hold foreign currency positions. NAB offers at call and term deposit accounts in a range of foreign currencies that can help balance flexibility with return on your portfolio.

Guidance for business

Currency solutions

Ensuring you have the right currency solution is important. Find out more about our products here.

Foreign exchange risk management

Understanding foreign exchange risk is important. Learning how you can manage this can be useful.

Global Markets Research

Our research team can help you gain greater insights into the global currency, credit, interest rate and commodity markets.

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