Accessing your cards benefits

Here’s how to view the benefits that are specific to your card in the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.

NAB app:

1. Log into the NAB app.

2. Go to Cards and select your credit card.

3. Select Features and benefits.

NAB Internet Banking:

1. Log into NAB Internet Banking.

2. Go to Cards and select your credit card.

3. Select Card benefits.

Advantages of a credit card

There’s more to your NAB credit card than just making purchases. There are a range of features that you might not know about. Here we’ll run through a few for you.

Interest-free days on purchases

To maximise your interest-free days on purchases, you need to understand how to avoid credit card interest. Your NAB credit card comes with an interest-free period of “up to 44 days” (most of our cards) or “up to 55 days” (NAB Low Rate Card only). These periods run from the start of your statement cycle to your statement’s due date.

Adding an additional card

You can add an additional cardholder to most NAB credit card accounts for no extra charge. The NAB StraightUp Card doesn’t allow an additional cardholder.

Adding an additional cardholder is a great way to manage your expenses with a single bill.

An additional cardholder gets a card and PIN that gives them access to your credit card account, and any other accounts that you’ve linked to it. As the primary cardholder, you’re responsible for all use of the account, including transactions made by the additional cardholder.

If you have a NAB Rewards credit card, any spend made by an additional card holder counts towards your ability to earn rewards points.

Apply using the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking.

Earn rewards points on purchases

NAB Rewards credit cards

If you have a NAB Rewards credit card, you can earn points on your everyday purchases. You can redeem these points for travel, a range of merchandise, gift cards, banking rewards, charity giving or transfer your points to a selection of airline loyalty programs (applicable rewards terms and conditions apply to points earn and redemption).

Find out more about the NAB Rewards program.

Access the NAB Rewards store, opens in new window.

NAB Qantas Rewards credit cards

With Qantas rewards  you can earn points on your everyday purchases. You can redeem these points for flights, accommodation, car hire and a range of merchandise (applicable rewards terms and conditions apply when earning points and redeeming them).

Get protected with complimentary insurances

If you have a signature, platinum or premium credit card, you'll enjoy complimentary insurances on eligible purchases made on your eligible credit card.

Complimentary insurances:

  • International travel insurance
  • Domestic travel insurance
  • Rental vehicle excess in Australia insurance
  • Purchase protection insurance
  • Extended warranty insurance

Any classic or standard cardholders (excluding NAB Low Rate) enjoy complimentary purchase protection insurance on eligible purchases made on their eligible credit card.

Please see the Important Information section about changes to these complimentary insurances effective 1 November 2023.

Enjoy our Concierge Service

The NAB Concierge Service is a complimentary travel and lifestyle service available from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week .

It’s available for all signature, platinum and premium credit cardholders.

Special entertainment access

Access special offers on shows, events, experiences and movies from Visa Entertainment, opens in new window.

You can also access hundreds of deals, discounts and privileges with Visa Premium Access, opens in new window (if you have a signature, platinum or premium credit card).

Feel secure with extra features

Visa Secure

You needn’t be nervous when shopping online. Visa Secure is an extra layer of security for online purchases. It provides an extra layer of validation to help protect against unauthorised transactions.

During the transaction, NAB may send you one-time passcodes via your NAB app or SMS for Internet Banking transactions and password resets. Once successfully authenticated, you can proceed with your purchase transaction. The information you provide is used by NAB to verify your identity and is not made available to the retailer.

Emergency travel assistance from Visa

We’re here for you 24/7 with Visa Global customer assistance services, opens in new window.

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