We have a range of cash deposit opportunities, which deliver greater flexibility than conventional term deposits, and optimise your returns over the exact periods you choose. The minimum investment is $50,000.

NAB Flexi Deposit.

A Flexi Deposit is a term deposit divided into two periods, one that earns a fixed rate and one that earns a floating rate.

You can customise your investment in line with your personal view of interest rate movements and cash flow requirements.

NAB Floating Deposit.

A Floating Deposit is a term deposit where your interest rate is based on a floating reference rate plus a fixed margin. The floating reference rate used is the Bank Bill Swap (BBSW) Benchmark Rate.

Investing in a deposit with returns linked to BBSW provides access to floating adjusted returns and the potential to take advantage of rising rates.

NAB Tailored Income Deposit

A Tailored Income Deposit provides a stream of equal payments over an agreed period in exchange for an initial deposit amount, with a nil principal at maturity.

Payments will not be affected by market performance or RBA interest rate decisions as the interest rate and payment stream are locked in at the start of the deposit. This means you can plan your cash flow requirements with certainty.

Important Information

To understand more about these deposits please read the product disclosure statement NAB Tailored Deposits PDS (PDF, 370KB)

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