We're one and the same

We're lucky to have some incredibly talented, driven and inspiring women working for us here at NAB.

We’re proud of the level of gender equality we have throughout the company - from the local branches, right through to the executive teams and board members.

But hiring women has never been about 'making up the numbers'. It's been about finding the right people for the right roles, and making sure the women who work for us have the support and encouragement to reach their full potential. To do that, we've got a whole range of great initiatives in place.

Our mentoring and networking programs continue to provide fantastic opportunities for women in the business - like NAB Board Ready, which has prepared a community of talented, confident women for board positions in the future. We've recently conducted a pay equity audit, to ensure that our female staff are being paid the same as their male co-workers for work of equal value. In 2013, we became the first major bank in the country to introduce a domestic violence support policy.

NAB is committed to standing up and being accountable when it comes to gender equality in the workplace. As business leaders, we try to ensure that events we participate in (inclusive of panels and conferences) are gender balanced.

Working at NAB