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Key results

Indigenous Employment

 200+ Indigenous Australians employed at NAB.

Indigenous Business Procurement

$1.4 million+ spent with Indigenous businesses between 2015 and 2017

Financial inclusion

$15 million+ fair and affordable small loans to Indigenous customers.

Why is this important?

Working together with Indigenous Australia, we help build strong and inclusive communities that seek to improve the standard of living, create employment and home ownership opportunities.

What do we do?

Our Reconciliation Action Plan is our commitment to Indigenous Australians which covers four initiatives: financial inclusion, employment and career development, business partnerships and cultural understanding and leadership. We have public commitments until the end of 2017 and have an ongoing commitment to getting our results independantly assured by Ernst + Young. Read our full 2015 – 2017 Reconciliation Action Plan.

Providing safe and affordable loans

Our financial inclusion program provides access to safe, affordable microfinance as well as dedicated money mentor support to enable Indigenous Australians to learn by doing and taking control of their finances. To date, $15 million in safe and affordable microfinance products and services has been accessed by 16,000+ Indigenous Australians.

Teaching life-changing financial skills

Our Indigenous Money Mentor (IMM) Program teaches Indigenous Australians financial literacy skills to make a big difference to their life as a whole. Mentors also help connect clients with other service providers to improve overall wellbeing, such as health, housing, family services, employment and education services.

In fact, a Social Return on Investment study in 2013 showed the program creates $4.20 in social value for every dollar invested, with customers saying the skills gained through the program have improved their standard of living and even their family relationships. See our continuing public commitment to Indigenous Australia below and our latest 2016 Reconciliation Action Plan Scorecard, full results and assurance statement.

2015 Reconcilation Action Plan Scorecard

2015 – 2017 Reconciliation Action Plan

2014 Reconciliation Action Plan

2013 Reconciliation Action Plan

2012 Reconciliation Action Plan

2011 Reconciliation Action Plan

2010 Reconciliation Action Plan

2008 – 2009 Reconciliation Action Plan

SROI Forecast of the Indigenous Money Mentor Program.

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