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Invested in grants to date.

12 grants

in 2017 and 2018, focused on addressing family and domestic violence, financial shocks and environmental wellbeing.

Partnered with

the Victorian State Government and Sacred Heart Mission to expand the 'Journey To Social Inclusion Program' to address chronic homelessness.

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The NAB Foundation has no open grant rounds and is not currently seeking applications.

Why is this important?

The NAB Foundation (previously known as the MLC Community Foundation) is a private charitable trust and our vision is to support greater social innovation in how societal challenges are tackled. By providing financial grants and other valuable in-kind support, we see ourselves as an ‘enabler’ - enabling for-purpose organisations to incubate and scale new, innovative and sustainable ways of solving problems.

Our grants program offers long-term grants (up to three years) in areas important to NAB customers and the wider Australian community aligned to NAB’s social impact focus areas. To date these have been in the areas of mental health, domestic and family violence, financial resilience and environmental wellbeing.

We take a long-term, collaborative approach to our partnerships and want to make a positive and lasting impact on the organisations that we partner with. Beyond grants, we also provide valuable in-kind support such as communications advice, business mentoring, capacity building and access to the skills and resources of the wider NAB Group. Measuring outcomes is also a priority for us - we want to work with organisations that seek to measure their outcomes and understand how they’re making a difference and we can support organisations on that journey.

Beyond our grant making program, we also engage in impact investment as one way of unlocking additional capital from the Trust to help solve social problems and thereby increase our impact. We look for impact investment opportunities that deliver both a financial return and positive social outcomes. The impact investment market is an evolving one and we believe this is an innovative way to support financially sustainable initiatives that address social issues. In 2018, the NAB Foundation demonstrated the strategic role of philanthropy by enabling an Australian-first social finance transaction to be undertaken to expand Sacred Heart Mission's 'Journey To Social Inclusion Program' (J2SI). Find out more about this innovative program to provide better outcomes for people experiencing long-term homelessness here.

About our 2017-2018 grant program

With key focus on fostering social innovation, the impact areas at the heart of the 2017-2018 grant program were domestic and family violence, financial resilience and environmental wellbeing;

  • Domestic and family violence can affect anyone and is one of the most common forms of violence against women and children in Australia. The Domestic and Family Violence Support Grant aims to support work in prevention, early intervention and improvement in support to victims. Further information on NAB’s Domestic and Family Violence work can be found on our ‘Domestic and Family Violence Support’ webpage.
  • Financial shocks are unexpected expenses and drops in income, and for Australians they are all too common, with around two in three Australians experiencing some financial hardship during their life. In an effort to direct technology, innovation, and talent toward addressing this important issue, the Financial Shocks Support Grant seeks to support innovators who are helping Australians prepare for and weather the financial shocks that all of us experience in life.
  • Regional communities are dependent on the good management and preservation of the natural resources they rely on. Through the Environmental Wellbeing Sustainable Regions Grant we aim to support regional communities to better manage their natural resources and promote biodiversity in the face of challenges such as declining access to water, water quality, land degradation and climate change and work on solutions to some of these complex issues.

We have two grant types within each category:

  • Thrive grants - for organisations with proven models or solutions, these grants help initiatives or organisations to become sustainable, to scale or collaborate and move to their next stage of growth;
  • Seed grants - for early stage initiatives or organisations, these grants are ‘seed’ funding for building, testing or piloting an innovative idea, or for funding core operations and organisational capacity.

Our first grant round, announced in July 2017, supported six organisations committed to addressing domestic and family violence and building financial resilience in our communities. Our second grant round, Environmental Wellbeing Sustainable Regions, announced in February 2018, is supporting six organisations who are working on new, regional solutions to current environmental challenges.

Previous grant recipients

The NAB Foundation under its previous name, MLC Community Foundation, is proud to have supported the following organisations in the work they do supporting and solving mental health.

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