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Key results


200+ Indigenous Australians are now working at NAB.


400+ Indigenous Australians have participated in our Employment Programs.

Cultural Awareness Training

1200+ employees have completed face to face or online cultural awareness training.

Why is this important?

Employment is much more than simply receiving an income. Economic independence and stability, financial capability, career prospects and greater confidence come with having a real job. We leverage our strength as a bank and one of Australia’s largest employers, to provide work opportunities for Australians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What do we do?

We continue to offer a range of initiatives including school based and full time traineeships, internships and general recruitment for Indigenous Australians. While the employment program opens doors and provides training and support, our Indigenous employees work hard to create their own success.

We’ve invested in growing the pipeline of Indigenous employment

We provide traineeships for students in Year 10-12. Trainees study a Business Administration Certificate II, receive on-the-job experience at our branches around the country; and receive mentoring from our employees and external partners.

We’ve provided internships to university students

Internships are for university students seeking a career in financial services. Internships are managed in partnership with CareerTrackers and are designed to build each student’s confidence, skills and abilities in the workforce as well as exposure to a corporate working environment.

We’re looking to open more doors

We are always seeking experienced candidates interested in joining NAB. If you’re interested in joining us, please visit our careers page or email us.

We’re improving cultural awareness across the business

We provide a range of opportunities for our people to lift their understanding and actively get involved through our cultural awareness initiatives. It includes cross cultural training, specialist experiences for our senior executives, employee secondments to the Kimberley region WA and skilled volunteering.

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