Meet Gary

Name: Gary Shaw

Your role: Specialised Banking Manager

Region: Brisbane, Queensland

What’s your story?

I left school and a week later I joined the army. It was during this period that we “volunteered” to make our first blood donation. Seeing friends and colleagues being injured and requiring blood transfusions might have been an added influence. It was a no-brainer to be honest. Our family moved to Australia in 2005 and I’ve been with NAB since 2009.

How have you made a difference?

The reality is that only 1 in 30 Australians donate blood. It takes just one hour every three months to make a whole blood donation. Not much to ask really! Every whole blood donation saves three lives. I’m a plasma donor, so I donate every two weeks and from every plasma donation, 18 different life-saving products can be made. Later on this year I will make my 500th donation. I also was invited to sit on the Red Cross Donor Advisory Committee.

What are you passionate about?

If I can encourage colleagues to change their mindset towards blood donating, even if it means buddying up and us going together for a donation, then I have helped that colleague save the lives of three anonymous people. Changing a “why I don’t want to donate” that comes with all corresponding excuses and negatives into a positive, gives a recipient another birthday, another laugh, another chance.

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