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A few key results

NAB Volunteering

Contributed 6121 volunteer days, worth $3.04 million in the last financial year.

NAB Volunteering

Volunteer with 500+ community organisations.

NAB Workplace Giving

Donated more than $740,000 in matched employee donations to over 530 charities in the last financial year.

Why is this important?

Since 1998, we’ve given our employees at least two days each year to volunteer their time and talents to support communities. As a workforce of over 30,000, our people make a big impact. We're involved in both volunteering initiatives and matched workplace support.

What we do


Our people can provide invaluable assistance to build capacity and deliver critical work. From general or skilled volunteers, individuals or groups, our volunteering program flexes to fit community needs.

How community groups and social enterprises can request our volunteering services

If you’re a community group or social enterprise, we're looking for volunteering activities that:

  • Can benefit you through unskilled labour or by leveraging our employee’s skill sets.
  • Can be held on-site at your location, preferably during the working week and is easy to get to.
  • Are safe and supervised and don’t involve unsupervised contact with children or the disabled.
  • Are not of a direct fundraising nature or where community groups are paid for sourcing volunteers.

Before submitting a request consider:

  • It’s a requirement that you hold public liability insurance and a copy of your policy is provided.
  • We can’t guarantee the availability of volunteers as volunteering is optional.
  • Volunteering directly with children under 18 is prohibited unless a police check is obtained (in accordance with state and territory legislation) and you verify this.
  • Activities that promote political lobbying, illegal activities and direct fundraising will not be promoted.
  • Activities that may put employee personal safety at risk will not be promoted.

To apply for volunteers, please contact

Matched workplace giving

Launched in February 2007, our Workplace Giving Program encourages employees to make regular donations directly from their salaries to Australian registered charities. NAB then matches these donations to the value of $1,200 per employee annually. If your charity has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status, you can be a part of our program by registering with our third party administrator Good2Give.

Some examples of our volunteer work

We helped the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF) to transform their operations

With the help of skilled technology, project management and change management volunteers, NAB assisted in streamlining the ADF’s internal processes to make the organisation more efficient. Download the full case study.

We helped Challenge promote new ways of helping children with cancer

NAB experts in reporting and security, who were also skilled in video production, helped Challenge to create videos to promote their work improving the lives of children and families living with cancer. Download the full case study.

Discover more

NAB Foundation and grants

We aim to help people and places better prepare for natural disasters and assist in their long-term recovery.

Indigenous Australian support

We're proud to support and celebrate Indigenous success. As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan, we’re helping create opportunities and real outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Insights and research

We support customers and community groups by sharing our market insights, research and thought leadership through the NAB Charitable Giving Index.

Impact measurement

We measure the value we’re returning to the community so we can make the most of our investment.