A few key results

NAB Neighbourhood

Since May 2021, more than 50% of colleagues have taken action to help communities prosper.


Rewarded colleagues for every hour of volunteering with $5 to donate to charity.



As a workforce of over 30,000, our people make a big impact when it comes to volunteering. Our colleagues have a minimum of 16 hours community time each year to volunteer their time and talents to support communities via general volunteering, pro bono skilled volunteering and through our community secondment program partnerships with Jawun and Australian Business Volunteers.

We also support our colleagues who are emergency service volunteers by giving them unlimited leave to serve their communities, and our people can volunteer to help customers, colleagues and their communities clean up and recover after natural disasters.

NAB rewards colleagues for every hour of volunteering, earning them $5 in their NAB Neighbourhood Giving Account to donate to their charity of choice.

Colleague Giving

NAB colleagues can make donations to the charities they care about by setting up fundraisers on NAB Neighbourhood or making one-off or recurring deductions direct from their pre-tax pay, PayPal or cedit card. They can also contribute to a colleague's fundraiser. Donations made by colleagues to strategic fundraising campaigns are matched 1:1 or 2:1. Every new colleague receives $10 in their NAB Neighbourhood Giving Account to donate to their charity of choice.

NAB Neighbourhood

We've introduced a new technology platform, NAB Neighbourhood, for our people and community organisations to bring together NAB's philanthropic initiatives, including volunteering, giving, fundraising and granting. NAB incentivises colleagues to support the causes they care about; share stories of community impact; and band together to make a difference to social and environmental issues.

NAB colleagues can quickly and easily take part in volunteering and giving opportunities with community organisations via NAB Neighbourhood. Community organisations wishing to be part of the platform should contact NABNeighbourhood@nab.com.au.

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NAB Foundation and grants

We aim to help people and places better prepare for natural disasters and assist in their long-term recovery.

Indigenous Australian support

We're proud to support and celebrate Indigenous success. As part of our Reconciliation Action Plan, we’re helping create opportunities and real outcomes for Indigenous Australians.

Insights and research

We support customers and community groups by sharing our market insights, research and thought leadership through the NAB Charitable Giving Index.

NAB giving

We actively encourage our people to volunteer, make donations and become involved in their community.