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Coronavirus may increase the risk of domestic and family violence

Domestic and family violence often increases during periods of stress. You can find out more information about our COVID-19 customer support online, or contact our Customer Support Hub on 1300 308 175, 8am-8pm AEST Monday to Friday. They specialise in providing confidential support to customers experiencing domestic and family violence.


Our customers can access complimentary, professional and confidential counselling sessions. Call 1300 574 759 to book an appointment.

For help with your banking, such as banking security, financial support, resetting passwords or extra security on your accounts, call our Customer Support Hub on 1300 308 175, 8am-8pm AEST Mon-Fri. Your conversations are confidential – ask about how we will keep your conversations and information safe.

Our Customer Support Hub can help you access specialist family violence support.

Want to speak to our Customer Support Hub for confidential help with your banking?

We can support your banking security, including if you’re experiencing financial abuse, 8am-8pm AEST Mon-Fri.

Domestic & family violence: some warning signs

Domestic and family violence is a pattern of behaviour that tries to control another person in a family relationship.

Experiencing violence? Here’s how we can help

Domestic and family violence is a very complex and personal issue, and we’re here to support you.

Is your behaviour violent or abusive? Get help now

Violence is never acceptable. If you, or someone you know, are prone to violence, there is help available.

Financial abuse and keeping your banking safe

If you’re experiencing financial abuse there are ways to keep your finances safe.

Domestic and family violence support services

Get support from organisations like these specialising in domestic and family violence services and related issues