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Australians facing financial difficulty were assisted by our people in FY19.

If you're finding it hard to make your credit card or loan repayments, find out how we can help.

Why is this important?

We have an important role to play in helping Australians stay on top of their finances and support them when they get off track. We know that things such as mental illness, separation and underemployment can contribute to financial stress. The more we understand what causes customers to fall into hardship, the more we can provide the most appropriate support to them when they need it most.

What do we do?

Since 2009, our NAB Assist team has been helping customers and staff who are having trouble with loan or credit card repayments, creating repayment plans tailored to our customers’ individual situation and helping them get out in front again.

By talking to our customers over the years, we’ve gained an understanding of some of the non-financial issues that impact their lives. So in addition to financial support, we wanted to broaden our program to help address some of these issues.

We’ve partnered with the Uniting CareRing program

To help our customers address problems at the root cause, we’ve partnered with Uniting in the CareRing program. CareRing is a service that provides assistance to customers such as family support, counselling, men’s behavioural change programs and more. While the program provides support for the non-financial issues in a customer’s life, we continue to work with the customer to assist them in getting back on their feet financially.

NAB Family Violence Assistance Grant

In partnership with the community organisation Uniting CareRing, the assistance of the grant can include:

  • A counselling referral to a specialist service with ongoing support and safety planning.
  • A new, independent transaction account to help establish financial independence.
  • In some circumstances, a financial grant towards services to assist you in leaving.

Our team received international recognition

We’re incredibly proud of the work our NAB Assist team does in supporting customers through tough times. And now our hardship business strategy has received international recognition, appearing in Fortune magazine’s “Change the world” list – the first Australian company to have been recognised.

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