Key results

Capacity building

We invest in capacity building to grow the market in partnership with Impact Investing Australia (Growth grant), Philanthropy Australia (Discovery grant), The Difference Incubator (Two Feet Accelerator program).

Shared Value

We are demonstrating that it is possible to 'do well and do good' with the EUR 500m NAB GMTN Climate Bonds. The first offshore green bond by an Australian financial institution.

If you're interested in impact investing in Australia, find out how we can help

Sustainable impact

Sustainable Impact is how NAB is supporting the development of the impact investment market.

Why is this important?

We’re committed to helping fund a brighter future and supporting communities that need it the most because we believe the future of Australia depends on thriving communities and a healthy environment.

Understanding impact investing

Impact investment means investing in companies or funds that offer both financial return and a positive social and environmental impact. It’s about finding opportunities for great financial performance that also create real social and environmental good. And we’re strong supporters of both.

What we do

Pioneering in climate change finance

We work with businesses that are committed to clean energy, creating the financing solutions you need for innovative renewable energy projects.

  • Pioneering capital markets solutions as Australia’s No. 1 green bond arranger.
  • Creating new ways to invest including the NAB Low Carbon Shared Portfolio, enabling investors to co-invest alongside NAB to fund existing renewable energy projects in Australia.
  • Leading by example as the first bank in the world to issue a certified green bond; the first offshore benchmark climate bond by a financial issuer; and the first Australian green residential mortgage-backed security (RMBS) transaction.
  • Deep expertise we offer financial advisory for capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions across the renewable energy, infrastructure, real estate, agriculture and natural resources sectors.

Here's how we support the ecosystem

NAB A$300m green bond

We were the first bank to issue a Climate Bond certified Green Bond globally and first Australian domestic green bond.

NAB EUR500m green bond

We had the first issue of offshore benchmark green bond by a financial Issuer and the largest ever green bond by an Australian bank

Queensland Treasury Corporation A$750m green bond

We were the joint lead manager for the largest Green Bond issuance ever by an Australian entity.

Creating better housing outcomes

We believe affordable and sustainable housing and community development is an important part of Australia’s future. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Consulting on the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation Bill 2018 to find innovative ways to fund affordable housing.
  • Working to end chronic homelessness by supporting Sacred Heart Mission and the Victorian Government’s first social impact bond to support people to find and sustain housing.
  • Collaborating to help fund Nightingale 3 – a scalable model of housing focused on delivering environmentally, socially and financially sustainable housing.

Driving diversity and inclusion

We’re using capital markets to help fund programs that promote equality for all. Here’s how we’re innovating:

  • Our own innovative products we issued the world’s first social bond promoting workplace gender equality in 2017.
  • Working with partners to fund social programs including working with the NSW Government’s social benefit bond to finance ACSO’s On TRACC program to reduce rates of re-offending among parolee.
  • Partnering with the Queensland Government on a social benefit bond to fund the Life Without Barriers program – to reduce reoffending by young people.

Here’s how we support the community

Australian Catholic University A$200m Sustainability Bond

NAB was the Lead Arranger, Australia’s first, and world’s first university-issued sustainability bond.

NAB A$500m social bond (gender equality)

We issued the first social bond focused on workplace gender equality globally and Australia’s first social bond.

NSW Government social benefit bond to address recidivism

NAB was the Lead Arranger.

Integrating natural value into business

We’re helping our customers manage environmental risk and working to integrate natural capital considerations in our credit risk assessments. Here’s how we’re helping:

  • We’re the only Australian bank to sign the Natural Capital Declaration.
  • Working with innovators like the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to fund energy efficient and renewable energy equipment. Our Energy Efficient Bonus Program provides NAB customers with a 0.7 per cent discount on its standard equipment finance rate for loans for eligible clean energy investments.
  • Supporting pioneers like The Nature Conservancy to launch the unique Murray Darling Basin Balanced Water Fund.

Measuring your impact

It’s so important to make measurement a key part of your investment process so you can track the social and environmental impact you’re having. Here are a few initiatives:

  • We co-authored Impact Measurement: Exploring its Role in Impact Investing with The Difference Incubator and Benefit Capital to highlight nine measurement frameworks, approaches and tools to help measure impact.
  • We’re part of the B Corporation Measure What Matters community.
  • We’re working with the UNEP FI to drive forward the Principles for Positive Impact and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) to improve impact measurement and reporting.

Supporting the impact investment ecosystem

We’re working with a wide range of partners to help build a robust impact investment market, including:

  • Impact Investing Australia and The Difference Incubator – to create the Impact Investment Ready Growth Grant fund, offering grants of up to $100,000 to for-purpose organisations to build their business, financial and legal capacity.
  • Philanthropy Australia – to provide Impact Investment Ready Discovery Grants for not-for-profit organisations with grants of up to $50,000 to help not-for-profits innovate and become more financially sustainable.
  • Impact investment Asia Pacific Summit - to convene the diverse community seeking to build the Australian impact investment market.
  • Responsible Investment Association Australasia (RIAA) – part of the Impact Investment Forum to connect and stimulate ecosystem development in Australia and New Zealand
  • NEXUS Australia Youth Summit - to convene a network of young philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to meet, build, learn, share and create.

Discover more

Impact measurement

We measure the value we’re returning to the community so we can make the most of our investment.

NAB Foundation and grants

We aim to make positive social change for Australians by supporting social purpose organisations that are doing amazing things in our communities.

Free events and work spaces

We're helping business and not-for-profit customers with events, work and meeting spaces, and learning opportunities.

Financial resilience

We’re progressing the financial resilience of our community groups by sharing our research, insights and resources.