Steps to upload a BPAY batch

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. From the Services menu, select ‘Financial file transfer’. The downloaded files will show by default.
  2. Select the ‘Upload files’ tab (the number of files pending authorisation will appear within the button name).
  3. Select Upload file and a new window will display.
    1. In the Mailbox field, select the drop-down arrow and select the relevant mailbox. Note: Multiple mailboxes may be registered and displayed within this drop-down for available file types. When you have access to only one mailbox, this will be selected by default.
    2. From the File type drop-down list, select the relevant file type. Please note the file types displayed depend on the mailbox selected. When your mailbox has access to process only one file type, this will be selected by default.
    3. In the Reference field, type a reference value (this is optional).
  4. Choose the ‘Select file’ link to open the file browser screen and locate the file to be uploaded.
  5. Select Upload. The window will update to indicate the success of the file upload to NAB Connect. It provides a summary of the information you entered, as well as an ID number, date and time stamp and a file status. Note: It may take up to five minutes before the upload record appears on the register.
  6. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, you can view it in the ‘Upload files’ register. The file is now ready for authorisation.
  7. Tick the checkbox relating to the file to process and select Authorise. You can tick up to 100 files at a time to bulk authorise. To select all, ensure the ‘Status’ filter is set to ‘Requires authorisation’. Then tick the checkbox next to the ‘File message ID’.
  8. Review the information on the authorisation overlay. If there are items pending review, select an action for each or select an action for all.
  9. Generate a one-time-password from your security token and enter the details. Then select Submit

Please note

  • Each file needs to be authorised by the number of authorisers configured in your mailbox authorisation settings.
  • The Upload files register shows a listing of previously uploaded files and includes a workflow status on each file. The status can include this information:
Status field Description
Validating File has been received and is being validated.
Requires authorisation File is being held for appropriate authorisation.
Processing Files is being processed by NAB Connect.
Rejected The file has either been rejected by another user or the system.
Sent The file has been released for processing.
  • If the file uploaded fails the file format check, then this will display as ‘Rejected’ and cannot be processed.
  • The cut-off time for BPAY batch payments is 5:00 pm AEST/AEDT.

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