Steps to make an FX deal

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. From the Services menu, select ‘Foreign exchange deals’.
  2. Select Create FX deal to begin.
  3. In the Entity drop-down list, select the entity the deal is to be booked under.
  4. In the Deal type field, select either ‘Spot’ or ‘Forward’, according to your permissions:
    • Spot: In the Value for drop-down list, select the date. 
    • Forward: In the Value date field, type or select the deal date using the calendar. To enter a date range for when the deal can be utilised, select the ‘Time option’ checkbox.
  5. From the You buy (NAB sell) or You sell (NAB buy) currency type options, select the Currency and type the Amount for your foreign exchange deal.
  6. If required, type a reference in the Your reference field.
  7. Select Get rate.
  8. Check the details of your new deal. If you need to change any of the details, select the Back button to return to the previous screen. You can also choose Cancel if you don't wish to continue with the FX deal. If you like to proceed, select Book deal.
  9. You can print or export a PDF version of the FX deal summary details or create a new deal by selecting Create another deal.
  10. You can close the 'FX deal summary' screen to return to the 'Foreign Exchange Deals' screen.

Please note

  • If using Forward deals, they must be created more than three business days in advance.
  • When selecting a non-AUD currency type, the other currency defaults to AUD. If you're creating a currency-to-currency deal, you'll need to select the desired currency in the AUD field.
  • If you've booked a forward FX deal, the FEC number may not display on the screen at the time you created the FX deal.

View outstanding FX deals and FX deal history

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. From the Services menu, select ‘Foreign exchange deals’.
    • To filter for an outstanding deal(s), you can see deals belonging to other entities by selecting the relevant entity from the Entity drop-down list. 
    • To search for specific FX deals, select Search then More Options. Enter your search criteria and select Display to update the deals list.
    • To view the FX deal in detail, in the eFX no. FEC (Forward exchange contract) no. column, select the link for the relevant FX deal. To see the deal history, select Show deal history.
  2. You can choose to print or export a PDF version of the FX deal summary details.

Please note

  • A deal that’s seven or more days past its value date are indicated by a cross icon. Contact your sales dealer to use this deal in a payment.
  • A deal past its value date and indicated by an exclamation icon may still be used in a payment. 

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