Steps to set up a payment alert

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. In the My settings section, check that your user details (including mobile number and email address) are up to date.
  2. Scroll down to Payment alert settings and select the method you require.
  3. Set the payment range.
  4. Select the ‘Payment status’ checkbox for each payment status that you want an alert generated for.
  5. Select how often you receive alerts. If you want NAB Connect to send you an alert every time your alert settings are met, select ‘Individual alerts’. If you’d prefer to set specific times, select ‘Batched alerts’ and select one or more checkboxes for the times you’d like the alerts sent. 
  6. Select Add
  7. In the Accounts dropdown list, select the account the alert applies to.
  8. Select one or more ‘Payment type’ checkboxes and select Save. You’ll see a confirmation message.

Please note

  • Once complete, the green tick icons in the 'My settings' screen indicate accounts that have existing alerts
  • To modify an existing alert, select the option button beside the relevant account, select Edit and Save when you have made the updates.

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