Steps to make a multiple domestic payment

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. From the Payments menu, select ‘Pay multiple (Domestic)’. 
  2. Enter the payment details or select from a previously saved template and select Next. Information entered in the Description for you field will appear on your statement.
  3. Select your multiple payees.
  4. You can select an existing payee from the drop-down list or select ‘Create payee’ to make a payment to a new payee.
    1. To create a new payee, select ‘Create payee’, complete all fields and save the details for future use.
    2. Select Save & continue to use the new payee in your multiple payment.
  5. Information entered in the Reference field will appear on your payees’ statements.
  6. Confirm the payment details and submit the payment for authorisation.

Please note

  • Payments can be made up to 90 days in advance. 
  • Payments are processed on business days and cut-off times apply.

Important information