Add a NAB Business Market Loan (BML) or NAB Corporate Market Loan (CML) on NAB Connect.

New customers must complete a NAB Connect application form

For existing customers, if the BML or CML is registered under the same business name as your NAB Connect, refer to Add a new account under my business. Otherwise, you will need to complete and sign the NAB Connect Amendment form, selecting ‘Add accounts or products in a different name to your NAB Connect facility’.

Please note

  • Self-service via NAB Connect is only available for BML accounts with a Floating component. This allows you to make repayments (credits) and redraws (debits) from your BML (with a Floating component) using NAB Connect.
  • If you have a BML with a combination of components, you’ll be able to view the overall balance across all components but will only be able to make repayments and redraws for those loans that have been allocated to the Floating component.

Important information