Updating your electronic consent

You can opt in to receive updates electronically when there are any important changes to NAB Connect. You’ll also be notified when a new account statement is available to download

To provide or amend your electronic consent preferences, complete the NAB Connect Amendment form.

Updating your email addresses for electronic notices and statement notifications

An Administrator can send a secure message in NAB Connect if you only need to update any email address details for your electronic consent or statement notifications.

  1. From the Services menu, select ‘Secure messages’.
  2. Select Create message.
  3. Select ‘Other’ from the Topic list.
  4. Enter in a Message subject and provide all additional information, including the full email address of any emails you would like to add or remove.
  5. Select Send once you’ve completed your message.
  6. Once your details have been updated, a confirmation message will be sent to your Secure message inbox.

Please note

  • A maximum of four email addresses can be added to receive electronic notices and/or statement notifications
  • When opting in to receive electronic notifications for your statements, NAB will cease to send paper statements for eligible accounts.
  • Changes to your electronic consent details, including nominated email addresses, can be requested via the NAB Connect Amendment form.

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