In today’s competitive business world, it's essential to accept credit card payments online, in-store, or over the phone. Having the right EFTPOS or payment solution is key.

Why flexible payment solutions are important for your retail business

Flexible EFTPOS retail solutions cater to all customers to help grow your business. Accepting card payments (including credit cards) at your shop, through your website or on the road, can make transactions seamless. EFTPOS is also a safe and secure payment method for you and your customers.

Ways to accept credit card payments

Accepting payments online

If you sell a lot of products online you need a digital storefront, payment gateway or a third-party payment processor to accept credit card payments.

Digital storefront

This is a website where your goods and services are for sale. Take time to ensure it’s easy to navigate. High quality images, detailed product information and clear pricing also contribute to a great customer shopping experience. We have solutions to make it a quick and efficient experience for your customers to pay.

Payment gateway

You must integrate a secure payment gateway into your website to accept card payments. A payment gateway connects the customer (the cardholder), you (the merchant), their bank (the issuing bank) and your bank (the acquirer) so you can be paid. It collects, transfers and authorises customer data before the transaction is approved and processed. Ask your bank if they have a payment gateway that will integrate with your website.

Third-party payment processor

This is a service that checks transaction details with your customer’s bank and, after authorising payment, transfers fund to your account. Your bank may offer a processing solution for accepting credit card payment, or you can use a third-party provider.

Accepting payments in-person at your stall or shop

To accept credit card payments in person you need a terminal, or a mobile payment app that can process transactions on its own.

Using a countertop EFPTOS terminal

Where customers make payments at a fixed location (such as cafes or retail stores), a countertop EFTPOS machine may be your best option. Convenient and secure, it can also be connected to a POS system for seamless payment processing. Some countertop EFTPOS machines can also be used on the move by connecting to the 4G mobile networks.

Using a mobile card reader

If you have a retail business that is on the road, you can use an app like NAB Easy Tap to turn your Android phone into a payment terminal. Your customers can simply tap their credit card or smart device with mobile wallet onto your Android smart phone or tablet to make a payment. A portable EFTPOS machine for markets is also a convenient solution.

Over the phone

Accepting credit card payments over the phone gives more options to customers. To accept transactions this way, you can use a virtual terminal or a web-based platform where you can enter payment data. Or you can enter a customer’s card number and the expiry date and CCV over the phone. You also need a merchant account with your bank. Of course, having a reliable phone line and internet connection is essential.

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