In our increasingly cashless society, EFTPOS machines can be game changers for small businesses.

Fast and efficient transactions, reduced risk from cash handling and improved cash flow with same-day settlement are just some of the benefits of having an EFTPOS machine.

Here’s how to choose the best EFTPOS machine to help you grow your business.

Wireless EFTPOS machines

A wireless EFTPOS machine is simply any machine, including portable and mobile EFTPOS, capable of wireless connectivity.

Portable EFTPOS machines

A portable EFTPOS machine connects wirelessly to a docking station and your Wi-Fi. You can accept payments on the move using the 4G mobile networks.

Benefits of portable EFTPOS machines

  • Reduces the need to handle cash or keep it on your premises.
  • Allows you to take payments wherever you are - in store, in aisle or located off site at a market stall.
  • Maximise connectivity with options from mobile 4G and broadband internet to Wi-Fi.
  • Track every transaction to get a clear view of takings to help your business budget and grow.

Payment methods accepted

With portable EFTPOS machines, you can accept a wide variety of payment types including VISA® , Mastercard® , eftpos, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, American Express® and many more.

Mobile payment apps

Mobile payment apps take convenience to the next level. Typically all you need to do is download an app to a smart phone or tablet to start taking payments. With the NAB Easy Tap app, your Android device becomes a payment terminal to accept contactless payments on the go.


  • Utilise compatible smart phone or tablet to accept contactless payments anywhere.
  • Enjoy zero set-up costs or hardware terminal fees with NAB Easy Tap. A single low rate per tap for all Visa, Mastercard , and eftpos payments is applicable. No up-front setup costs and no need to buy or rent a separate merchant terminal, use your Android mobile phone.
  • Settle your transactions to a NAB Business Everyday Account before 9:30pm AEST, you'll have same-day settlement and access to your funds seven days a week. 

Payment methods accepted

With a mobile payment app, you can accept wide variety of payment types including VISA®, Mastercard®, eftpos, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, American Express® and many more.

How mobile payment apps can helps your business

No more worrying about carrying cash or giving change. With mobile payment apps, your business can take contactless payments anytime, anywhere which offer the ultimate convenience to you and your customers.

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