E-commerce fraud is a growing challenge for businesses to manage.

Find out how you can help keep your business and customers safe from fraud with EMV 3DS.

Online merchants and their customers expect a secure, quick, and convenient eCommerce check out experience.

EMV 3DS provides an additional layer of security for eCommerce transactions and allows the card issuer to authenticate the cardholder through a dedicated and secure channel. It reduces cart abandonment and enables an effortless checkout experience for your customer. It replaces what was formerly known as 3DS 1.

After 17 October 2021, fraud chargeback liability protection for approved by Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode authenticated transactions will no longer apply if you continue to use 3DS1. This means merchants may receive fraud related chargeback transactions which they will be expected to pay even though the transactions were successfully authenticated. Now is the time to make the move to EMV 3DS.

3DS1 is no longer available for new merchants and from October 2022 will no longer be available for use.

How does it work?

Using merchant plug-in (MPI) software installed on your web server or the hosted services of your payment gateway, EMV 3DS works with Visa and MasterCard’s authentication services, Visa Secure (formerly known as Verified by Visa) and MasterCard® Identity Check ( formerly known as SecureCode™). EMV 3DS provides transaction information to the card issuer to authenticate the transaction.

Not all transactions will need a verification check. In fact, depending on your business type, most will pass through without a challenge.

For EMV 3DS to be active, the cardholder must be registered through their issuing bank and the merchant through their Financial Institution.

Understand how the EMV 3DS process works.

What are the benefits of using EMV 3DS?

  • Reduces fraud and chargebacks by replacing static passwords with stronger two-factor authentication e.g. risk based orone-time password
  • Supports different payment channels
  • Authentication process relies on improved data for more accuracy
  • Increases sales from reduced cart abandonment
  • Increases customer confidence
  • Greater security and convenience

EMV 3DS Secure for NAB Transact merchants

If you use the NAB Transact payment gateway, you’ll have the added comfort of knowing that NAB Transact supports EMV 3DS. You can consult your web developer or e-commerce software provider to have your integration with NAB Transact upgraded to use EMV 3DS authentication.

Manage your risk

While the use of EMV 3DS authentication will generally make the card issuer responsible for the chargeback risk on fraudulent transactions, it’s not a substitute for your own risk management. Stay vigilant when it comes to high risk or suspicious sales and remember to cancel and refund any order that seems suspicious.

Read more about card not present fraud and how the industry is helping to address the issue. Card not present fraud | Industry framework to reduce fraud

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