What is an Enhanced Statement File?

The Enhanced Statement File will allow you to see all individual BPAY® and direct credit transactions rather than having to download separate files for each of them. You can access past dated transactions for up to 90 days.

At a later stage, the Enhanced Statement File will include individual direct debit, card and direct debit dishonour transactions processed through the Tenant Portal.

The Enhanced Statement File can be downloaded as a .qif file. Most major software providers accept .qif files. Over time, different file types may become available. 

When will my Enhanced Statement File be available for download?

To enable the Enhanced Statement File, you will need to generate a Payer Reference Number (PRN) linked to your Statutory Trust Account. This is required once only per trust account. 

The first Enhanced Statement File will be ready for download the following business day after you generate a PRN for the first time. Daily Enhanced Statement Files will be available from 9am AEST each business day.

How to generate and download an Enhanced Statement File

  1. Log in to NAB Connect, opens in new window.
  2. From the menu, select Products.
  3. Under NAB Portal Pay, select Enhanced Statement Files.
  4. Select the Statutory Trust Account to generate the Enhanced Statement File, along with the date range.
  5. The file is now available to download.

Uploading and downloading Enhanced Statement Files

You can follow the usual process to upload the Enhanced Statement File into your property management software.

You will see past-dated transactions in your Enhanced Statement Files for up to 90 days. However, the past transactions you can see are limited to the first Enhanced Statement File you generated. You will not be able to download transactions which occurred before the first time you generated an Enhanced Statement File.

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