What is a Payer Reference Number (PRN)?

The PRN will allow you to individually identify your payers (tenants) through a unique number rather than relying on a combination of other forms of identification. The PRN also satisfies BPAY Customer Reference Number rules if your payers use BPAY® to make their payments.

Are there any restrictions on generating PRNs?

You can generate up to 1,000 PRNs per request in NAB Connect. There is no restriction on how many times per day you can generate PRNs.

PRNs don’t have an expiration date – they will continue to remain active and cannot be deleted. You should create the number of PRNs that you will be assigning to your tenants.

When you want to assign a PRN to a tenant, you just need to input the PRN into the bank reference or unique ID field on your tenants’ profile in the property management software.

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