Whether you're a big business or a small operator, ensuring you have the right FX solution is important. Find out which products work best for your business.

Foreign exchange (FX) solutions aren't just for big businesses. Any business with currency exposure needs to manage FX risk, particularly in volatile markets.

You could benefit from FX risk management if you’re:

  • An importer or exporter with invoices or receipts quoted in foreign currencies.
  • A borrower with loans denominated in foreign currencies.
  • An investor in overseas assets denominated in foreign currencies.
  • Repatriating overseas profits.
  • Paying or receiving other foreign currency amounts.

FX solutions

Our holistic approach to FX means we can offer a range of products and strategies based on our detailed understanding of your business and of global FX markets.

Our FX Market Specialists work with you to understand your business and create a holistic approach to currency risk management and business cash flow. We leverage our in-depth knowledge of FX markets to facilitate an appropriate FX solution for your business based on our understanding of your needs.

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FX products and strategies

A variety of products and strategies can manage FX risk, ranging from simple spot and forward foreign exchange transactions to more complex options.

Products include:

  • spot foreign exchange contracts
  • foreign currency accounts
  • foreign currency term deposits
  • forward foreign exchange contracts
  • bought call option
  • bought put options

Our holistic approach means we can offer a range of products and strategies based on our detailed understanding of your business.

A team of FX specialists

Our FX market specialists can help you understand the options available, so you can make a confident decision on the FX solution that best suits your needs.

We produce specialist research, which can be accessed by our customers, that identifies drivers in the markets and, accordingly, helps you develop strategies to capture returns and/or optimise FX risk management.

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