What you can do at a NAB ATM

Withdraw cash

Take out cash in $20 and $50 notes, up to $2,000 per card, per day. You can insert your card or simply tap if you have a NAB or UBank card with the contactless symbol and you’re at a NAB ATM with a contactless reader.

Deposit cash

At many of our machines you can deposit Australian notes, up to 50 per transaction and up to $10,000 per day. Note deposits appear in your account immediately. See which ATMs allow deposits at NAB locations.

Deposit cheques

You can deposit cheques at specific NAB ATMs, up to 50 per transaction and each cheque can be up to $5,000. Enter a name for each deposit at the ATM and review the total before finalising. Cheques generally clear in three working days.

Transfer your money

It’s easy to use a NAB ATM to move your money between your transactions and savings accounts. You can also use cash to pay a NAB credit card bill at a NAB ATM.

Check your balance

Quickly view the balance of any of your NAB accounts on the screen, or you can get a printed receipt.

Print a mini statement

You can easily print a mini statement for any NAB account. This will show you your last 10 transactions and your current balance.

Go contactless

Just tap your card on the reader and enter your PIN to start a transaction. You can do all the same transactions that can be done when inserting your card. It’s available to NAB customers at NAB ATMs that have the contactless symbol.

Where can I withdraw cash fee-free?

If you’re a NAB customer you can withdraw cash fee-free at:

  • Any NAB, Commonwealth, ANZ and Westpac ATM across Australia.
  • Thousands of merchants which have EFTPOS machines, including most supermarkets and petrol stations.
  • More than 3,400 Bank@Post locations around Australia. You can also check your account balances, pay bills, deposit up to $10,000 cash or cheques and withdraw up to $2,000 per day free-of-charge.

Please note, NAB is no longer part of the rediATM network. If you are a NAB customer you may be charged fees if you withdraw cash from a rediATM.

NAB ATM security

NAB ATMs have world class security technologies built in to protect you from fraud and theft. For simple and practical tips to further enhance your security around ATMs and using cards, visit ATM Security and Protecting your card security.

Don’t have a card yet?

Wherever you are, access your money securely and conveniently with NAB Visa Debit cards.

You’ll get a choice between two feature-packed cards

Linked to the funds available in your Classic Banking account, our Visa Debit cards offer security and convenience. Whether you’re travelling overseas, buying something or shopping at your local supermarket, pay with Visa Debit and enjoy the benefits.

More information about NAB ATMs

  • If a NAB ATM has retained your card, or if you wish to report a fault, call 1800 036 066, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

  • Select either ‘cheque’ or ‘savings’. If you select ‘credit’ then you may be charged fees. Find out more about common credit card fees and ways to avoid them.

  • If you don’t know your current PIN, login to NAB Internet Banking, opens in new window or via the NAB app and go to Cards to set a new PIN.

  • No, you can only withdraw cash by inserting or tapping a physical card and entering your PIN. You can't use the NAB app, Fitbit, Garmin Pay or digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay to withdraw cash.

  • To protect your accounts, you cannot increase the daily withdrawal limit beyond $2,000 per account.

  • You can use any ATM with the Mastercard or Visa symbol. Speak to a banker if you need help managing your money when travelling abroad. You can also see how to use your own money when overseas.

  • All NAB ATMs can be read in English, Chinese and Simplified Chinese. You can select your preferred language before you enter your PIN.

  • Our ATMs are designed to make it easier to bank independently.

    • For the vision impaired, all ATMS have an audio function to help complete transactions. The audio function starts when you plug in earphones.
    • Our ATMS have touchscreen technology and braille next to the audio jack, card insert slot and dispensary to help you complete your transaction.
    • Many of our ATMs are wheelchair accessible. Find your nearest one at ATM locations.
  • An overall maximum cash deposit amount of $10,000 per day applies to deposits at either Australia Post or a SmartATM.

    If multiple cash deposits are made into one account using a NAB ATM, once the daily $10,000 limit is reached, any additional transactions will be declined. To complete your transaction, visit your nearest branch.

Important information