What does it mean to discharge your mortgage?

A mortgage discharge is when a mortgage securing your home loan is removed from the title of your property once you have repaid your home loan in full.

You’ll need to complete a mortgage discharge or release form to release the mortgage over the property you have provided as security to your home loan. The bank or lender holds the title to your property until the home loan is repaid in full. Once you have repaid your loan and the discharge process has been finalised, your lender’s mortgage is removed from the title of your property.

When to use a mortgage discharge authority form?

Use the mortgage discharge authority form to give us instructions about your loan when:

  • you sell a property

  • you refinance your home loan with another bank or financial institution

  • you’ve repaid your home loan and want us to release your property from the mortgage

  • you want to release a family guarantee on your home loan.

What type of customer are you?

Use this form if you are a personal bank customer looking to discharge your mortgage.

Are you a business customer or have a business account with NAB? Here you’ll find instructions on how to discharge both your mortgage and security.

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