Transfer your salary

If you want your salary paid into your new NAB account, fill out this form and pass it on to your employer.

Salary transfer request form (PDF, 246KB), opens in new window

Transfer direct credits

If you're paid by direct credit – and you want this payment to be made to your new NAB account – fill out this form and send it to that company.

Request to transfer direct credits form (PDF, 81KB)

Transfer direct debits

If you pay a company by direct debit – and want the payment to be directly debited from your new NAB account – complete and send this form to that company and ask them to directly debit the payment from your new NAB account.

Request to transfer direct debits form (PDF, 81KB)

Close an account

If you'd like to close your old account, complete and send this form to the institution where your account is currently held.

Authority to close account (PDF, 75KB)

Other help and support

Use our guides and other resources to help you manage your money and banking.

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