What are NAB Alerts?

NAB Alerts can help you keep up to date with your personal finances via an alert straight to your mobile or email.

If you have an eligible NAB account, you can request to receive the NAB Alerts at no charge.

Balance alerts

This alert is when you schedule your account balance to be emailed to you weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. You can also select to receive your alerts at 8am, 11am, 2pm, or 5pm (AEST/AEDT).

Information contained in the NAB Alert will be current at the time we create the alert rather than as at the time of receipt or delivery. If delivery of the message is delayed by your mobile phone provider or email service provider, the balance may be out of date.

Credit card payment reminder alerts

You can set up this alert to get credit card payment reminders up to 7 days before the payment is due, either via email or SMS.

These alerts are intended as a reminder and aren’t a substitute for checking payment due dates and your statements. We’ll only send you a credit card alert reminder when you have a minimum payment due.

Funds transfer alerts

You can set up this alert to receive SMS notifications of the success or failure of NAB Internet Banking funds transfers. You can also request to send an SMS alert to another mobile number about the success of the payment.

Eligibility for NAB Alerts

To be eligible to receive NAB Alerts, you must have one of the following accounts:

Personal transaction accounts

  • NAB Classic Banking
  • NAB Gold Banking (off sale)
  • NAB eBanking
  • NAB Clear Banking

Personal savings and investment accounts

  • NAB iSaver
  • NAB Reward Saver

Credit cards

  • Selected NAB personal credit cards (excludes JB Were and HomeSide branded credit cards).
  • NAB commercial credit cards (credit card payment reminder alerts only).

If you have an older account that isn’t eligible for NAB Alerts, you could upgrade your account to a new everyday banking account.

You can apply online – it’s quick and easy, and all you need is your BSB and account number.

Get started

To sign up to NAB Alerts you must be registered for NAB Internet Banking with a primary NAB ID, have an eligible account and be an account holder of the nominated account(s).

Once you have signed up to NAB alerts you will then be able to receive up to date alerts on your phone or by email.

NAB Alerts can be used with all Australian mobile phones and mobile service providers. You can only activate NAB Alerts on one phone and email address at a time.

Your credit card alert reminder will only be sent when you have a minimum payment due. These alerts are intended as a reminder and are not a substitute for checking payment due dates and your statements.

Want to change when you receive alerts? Don’t want to use NAB Alerts anymore? You can update your preferences, details or cancel the service anytime.

Help and support

    1. Log into NAB Internet Banking. 
    2. Open the Profile & Settings menu.
    3. Select ‘NAB Alerts’.
    4. Select your credit card account from the drop-down menu.
    5. Go to the Payment reminder column in your table of NAB Alerts settings.
    6. To create a reminder, select the check box and the number of days before your payment date you would like to receive your reminder.

    You can also get help by calling the Internet Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656.


    Please confirm that your mobile number and email address are correct in NAB Internet Banking within NAB Alerts, under the Profile & Settings menu.

    If after five consecutive return deliveries to the nominated email address we cannot complete an email alert, your NAB Alerts will be disabled and a secure message will be sent to you via NAB Internet Banking. You will then need to re-register for NAB Alerts.

    If you are concerned about your NAB Alerts you should contact the NAB Internet Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656.


    If your phone is lost or stolen you should contact NAB Internet Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656 and also report it to your mobile service provider. They will then apply a block to ensure access is stopped.

    You can also disable NAB Alerts access on your accounts by:

    1. logging into NAB Internet Banking.
    2. going to NAB Alerts within the Profile & Settings menu.

    If you need help, call the NAB Internet Banking Team on 1300 651 656 . You can then register your new mobile phone number and reactivate your NAB Alerts.

    1. Log in to NAB Internet Banking.
    2. Open the Profile & Settings menu and select ‘NAB Alerts’.
    3. From the change alerts section, select the relevant account.
    4. Under Account Balance Alert, select ‘None’.
    5. Click Save alert settings.

    If you're cancelling alerts for more than one account, you'll need to save your changes before you select the next account.

Important information