Things to know about BPAY View™ 

  • BPAY View™ lets you receive and view your bills electronically from participating billers and pay them conveniently from your NAB account using BPAY®.
  • To set up BPAY View™ you’ll need to use your web browser to log into NAB Internet Banking (not the NAB app).
  • Check your bill to see if your biller offers BPAY View™ before registering.
  • The BPAY View™ bills summary list provides a summary of your bill with due date, amount due and reference. For full details, visit the biller’s website via the BPAY View™ bills screen.
  • Have the biller's code or name and the customer reference number (located on your bill) ready.

Steps to register for BPAY View™ and add a biller

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking with your 8 to 10-digit NAB ID, and your password.

  2. Select Transfer & pay and tap on the Bill payment menu.

  3. Select BPAY View™ Billers.

  4. Enter your email address, confirm the address and select OK. We use this address to alert you when you receive a new BPAY View™ bill. 

  5. Read the BPAY View™ terms and conditions, agree and select OK.  

  6. Add billers to your BPAY View™ list in the Add a biller to BPAY View screen.

  7. Find a biller from the drop-down list or searching by biller code or biller name then tap OK.

  8. You’ll receive an email within two business days advising if the biller has accepted your request. Once the biller has accepted, their status is active.

How to find a biller

There are three ways to find a biller.

By list

Open the drop-down menu of all available billers and select one.

By biller code

Enter all or part (at least three numbers) of the biller's code, select Next then select the biller's name.

By biller name

Enter all or part (at least three letters) of the biller's name, select Next then select the biller's name.

Step to re-activate a BPAY View™ biller

Occasionally, billers may fail to accept BPAY View™ registration. This is usually due to an error in the activation request. If this happens, the biller's status displays as Declined by biller.

  1. Tap the Reactivate link next to the table to send a corrected activation request to the biller.

  2. Enter the customer number that the biller's given you.

Steps to deactivate a biller

If you want to remove a biller from your list of BPAY View™ billers and end electronic bill delivery, follow these steps.

  1. Tap the Deactivate link next to the right an active biller in your list to send the biller a deactivation request.

  2. Within two business days the biller will be removed from the list.

Steps to view your bill details

NAB Internet Banking only displays a summary of the bill with information on the:

  • due date
  • amount due
  • reference. 

To view full details:

  1. Tap on the biller name located on the BPAY View™ bills screen.
  2. The biller’s website will open in a new window to display the bill details.

Steps to view a BPAY View™ biller list

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking with your 8 to 10-digit user ID, and your password.

  2. Open the Bill payment menu and select ‘BPAY View™ Billers’.

From this list, you can: 

  • view a biller's details
  • add a new biller
  • deactivate a biller (and go back to receiving paper bills in the post)
  • reactivate any billers that failed to accept BPAY View™ registration.

Steps to use the BPAY View™ bill summary list

  1. Log into NAB Internet Banking with your NAB Identification number (ID) and NAB Internet Banking password.

  2. Open the Bill Payment menu and select ‘BPAY View bills’.

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