We are currently experiencing delays in processing Direct Debit cancellation requests. So that we can action your request as soon as possible, please ensure that you have provided all the required information.

Check if it’s a direct debit or recurring payment

Before you cancel a regular payment, you need to check what type of regular payment you’ve set up – either a recurring payment or direct debit. The main difference between the two is where the money is drawn from.

Recurring Payment

A recurring payment will have been set up from your credit card or debit card. If you set up a recurring payment, you’ll need to contact the merchant directly to cancel this type of payment.

Direct Debit

A direct debit will have been set up from one of your bank accounts such as a savings or transaction account. If you need to cancel a direct debit, we can help you with this. We’ve listed the steps.

Get your payment and merchant details ready

To submit a cancellation request, we'll need the following details of the direct debit:

  • full account name
  • BSB
  • account number
  • merchant name
  • merchant ID
  • lodgement reference number
  • date of last debit
  • payment amount

You can find these details on your latest account statement that shows the direct debit. If you can’t find a paper or electronic statement in your inbox, you can login to Internet Banking and request a statement.

Request to cancel your direct debit

Once you have your details ready, you can request cancellation of your direct debit. You can do this online, over the phone, or by visiting a branch.


To submit the online Direct Debit Cancellation Request, you’ll need to enter your NAB Internet Banking sign on details so we can authenticate you for security purposes.

If you haven’t done so already, you can register for NAB Internet Banking.

Once you’ve registered for Internet Banking and have the sign on details, you can submit the Direct Debit Cancellation Request. After you’ve submitted the request we’ll block the direct debit within 2 business days. We’ll let the merchant know that the direct debit has been cancelled, and we’ll also confirm our cancellation of your direct debits with you via email.

If you have a joint account, it’s best if you give us a call to request cancellation of these direct debits. Please also call us if you have direct debits which cover more than one service from the same merchant (e.g. multiple insurance policies from the one provider).

Over the phone

If you’re having trouble submitting the online cancellation form, or it’s a complicated request, give us a call to cancel your direct debit.

Visit us in a branch

You can visit us in a branch or at a business banking centre to cancel a direct debit. You’ll need to fill out and submit the direct debit cancellation form to us when you’re in the branch. To make the process faster you can print and fill out the direct debit cancellation form (PDF, 220KB), at home and bring it with you.

Important things to remember when cancelling a direct debit

Cancelling your direct debit does not cancel your contract with the merchant. If you still have a valid contract with a merchant and you’ve cancelled a direct debit, you’ll need to make alternate payment arrangements with them. Or if you no longer require their services, you’ll have to cancel your agreement with them where possible.

If you’re trying to cancel a direct debit for a NAB Home Loan, NAB Personal Loan, NAB Credit Card or NAB Business Lending facility, the easiest thing to do is to call us with the relevant details.

If you have a direct debit coming from a joint account (which requires all account holders to sign or authorise), you’ll need all account holders to cancel the direct debit. Joint account holders can do this together over the phone or by coming into a branch.

We’ll process an online direct debit cancellation request within 2 business days. If your next direct debit is due in the next 2 business days, call us or come in to a branch to escalate cancelling your direct debit before it applies to your account.

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