A credit card tailored to you

Not sure which credit card to choose for your needs? Use our credit card selector tool which helps you select the right credit card for you. Whether it’s to cover wedding costs, travel, expenses or everyday purchases, NAB has you covered.

Our credit cards are easy to use and feature low rates and fees, alongside flexible payment options. NAB credit card holders also have the opportunity to earn reward points, enjoy premium services such as overseas travel insurance and can even gain access to specific events. Other card features can include a monthly card fee with no interest on outstanding card funds, and special balance transfer offers.

Understand how credit cards work

It is important to have a basic understanding  of our credit cards, read about how our credit cards work for additional information. 

Do you need a personal loan or a credit card?

This can be a tricky decision. We can help you select the right option of which might be a more suitable borrowing option for you.  

Important information