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Key information about your NAB credit card

Some things to watch out for


  • Interest free periods don't apply to cash advances. 
  • Cash advances typically have a higher rate of interest than normal purchases - so you should only consider using them when absolutely necessary. 
  • If your balance transfer has a promotional interest rate for a period of time, the interest rate will revert to the higher variable cash advance rate once that period finishes. You should aim to pay off the balance before the end of that period to avoid a higher interest rate. 

Payment cycles

  • You need to make at least the total minimum payment on the date shown on your statement. Consequences for paying late include late payment fees, and a negative impact on your credit score. 
  • Any payments you make after your last due date and before we issue your next statement won't count towards the total minimum amount on your next statement.
  • You can pay more than the total minimum payment to reduce your outstanding balance and the amount of interest you pay. 

International transactions

  • If you purchase something online in Australian dollars but the transaction is processed overseas, you'll be charged an international transaction fee. 
  • When buying something overseas, even if the merchant gives you the option of paying in local currency or in Australian Dollars the amount in Australian Dollars will still be charged an international transaction fee.
  • You can check the exchange rate to determine which option is better for you.

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