What is ‘contactless technology’?

Whether it’s grabbing a coffee, a quick bite to eat or some last-minute groceries, contactless technology is the fastest, more convenient way to pay with your NAB cards.

You don’t need to swipe your card or enter your PIN for purchases under $100. For purchases over $100, you still need to enter your PIN.


It’s easy to use

There’s less need to carry cash, which means less time fumbling for change or lining up at an ATM.

It’s controlled and secure

Your transaction gets processed through reliable and secure networks. You’re in control because your card never leaves your hand at the checkout.

It’s fast and convenient

Contactless payments are up to four times faster than using your card the usual way or paying with cash. If your purchase is under $100, there’s no need to enter your PIN.

How it works

Using contactless technology is easy.

  1. First, show your card to the merchant.
  2. Once they enter the amount for your purchase, follow the prompts on the terminal and hold your card in front of the reader.
  3. You’ll hear a beep, and in a matter of seconds, all four green lights will flash.
  4. The transaction went through. Collect your receipt if you would like one, and you’re on your way.


  • We use the highest cryptographic and smart-card technology available: Contactless technology uses the same security that keeps your chip card and PIN protected.
  • Our security experts are keeping watch: We monitor your accounts and investigate any high-risk transactions or suspected fraud.
  • We stand by our security promise: NAB Defence is our promise to reimburse you 100% of any amount fraudulently removed from your account if you are a victim of fraud. Of course, your responsibilities when operating your account still apply.
  • You stay in control of your card: If you use contactless technology, there’s no need for your card to ever leave your hand. This greatly reduces the risk of your card details, falling into the wrong hands and being used for fraud.

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