Let’s start with our agreement with each other

We’ve set out the terms of your agreement with us in this document. It does not contain all of the financial information we are required to tell you about your NAB StraightUp Card – you can find the rest in your offer details. Your offer details sets out important financial information specific to your card – such as the credit limit, minimum payments and monthly credit fees.

You’ll accept the terms of our agreement when you use your card (including digitally) or transact on your account for the first time. Like any agreement, it’s a legally binding agreement for both you and us.

The Banking Code of Practice

The Banking Code of Practice applies to this agreement and provides safeguards and protections for customers like you, and in some areas set higher standards than the law. It also sets out the principles that will guide us in our decision-making when providing services – including being fair, responsible and accountable in our dealings with you, and acting with honesty and integrity.

You can access a copy from the Australian Banking Association’s website, opens in new window, our website nab.com.au or by asking us for a copy at any of our branches.

Additional Terms and Conditions apply

We’ll refer to these collectively as ‘additional terms and conditions’. You can read these additional terms and conditions at nab.com.au. If any of the additional terms and conditions conflict with the terms in this agreement, the additional terms and conditions will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

Some additional terms and conditions may also apply when you use your card or your account with an extra facility, including:

  • if you use your card or your account for electronic banking (which includes using ATMs, EFTPOS, contactless transactions and other electronic equipment and entering your credit card details online), the NAB Electronic Banking (card based) terms and conditions will apply;

  • If you use your card or your account for NAB Internet Banking (including the NAB app) or NAB Telephone Banking, the terms and conditions for those services will apply to your use of those services; and

  • If you link your card to other accounts you have with us (for example, a transaction account), the terms and conditions for those other accounts will apply when you deal with those other accounts.

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We’ve grouped the terms and conditions information into smaller sections to make them easier for you to find and read. We suggest starting with 'How your credit card works.'

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