Online shopping just got simpler and safer

Gone are the days of entering your details into payment forms. Instead, checkout and pay using your NAB Visa card wherever you see the icon below.

If a website accepts Visa, you'll normally see this logo at the checkout or on the online payment form. Existing Visa Checkout users will have access to the Visa cards you already stored.

Features and benefits


You no longer need to enter your 16-digit card number, look up a password or fill out a form to make a purchase online where Visa is accepted.


Set up your NAB debit or credit card(s) and you can pay with your Visa card with just a click. You can even switch between cards while you're checking out.


When you click to pay with your NAB Visa card, you get multiple layers of security. So, you can rest assured knowing that both NAB and Visa are looking out for you – fighting fraud and helping make transactions fast and worry-free.

Getting started is easy

1. Sign up

Create your free Click to Pay account online.

2.Link your NAB Visa card

Link your NAB debit and credit cards to enjoy secure online checkout with fewer clicks.

3. Authenticate

Existing Visa Checkout users will only need to authenticate their Visa cards upon first-time use.

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