Ways to access available funds and change your repayments

If you’re ahead with your home loan repayments, you might be able to reduce the repayment amount. You may also be able to access any funds you have in your offset account or redraw facility.

Before you decide, log into Internet Banking or use the NAB app to:

Check your home loan balance

  • Log into the NAB app.
  • Select your home loan from your account list.
  • On the banner screen you can view available redraw – this is the amount you are ahead of your required repayments.

Change your repayment amount

  • Log into the NAB app.
  • Select your home loan from the account list.
  • Tap the Scheduled tab.
  • Select the repayment you wish to change (direct debit or transfer).
  • Tap Modify and follow the steps to change repayments.

Note: You’ll need an existing NAB direct debit or a recurring transfer set up from a NAB account to use the app. If you need help, you can submit a request for support online with our specialist team. Alternatively, you can contact us on 13 22 65 for support.

Please be aware that the contact centre is currently experiencing high demand and longer than usual response times.

Access your available redraw

  • Log into the NAB app.
  • Select your home loan from your account list.
  • On the banner you can view your available redraw.
  • On the top right of the screen tap Redraw, then follow the steps.

Note: You must be paid ahead by more than $500 to access redraw on the app.

Access your offset balance

  • Log into the NAB app.
  • Select your home loan from your account list.
  • On the top right of the screen tap Manage.
  • Scroll down to linked offset accounts.
  • This will show you the amount you have available in your offset.

If you don’t have the NAB app*, you can download it via the App Store or Google Play.

For support call 13 22 65.

Get repayment certainty with a fixed rate home loan

Our fixed rate home loans give you the peace of mind with payments that won’t change even if your circumstances do.

Learn more about fixed rate home loans.


Visit our home loan repayment difficulties page to see how we can help.

Contact us

NAB Customer Care on 1800 701 599 Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm or Saturday, 9am-1pm (AEST/AEDT).

Although, we’re here to help, NAB Customer Care is experiencing high demand and response times are longer than usual.

What you need to know about your repayment pause

Answers to common questions

If my existing repayment pause is coming to the end, am I eligible for an extension of the repayment pause?

Not all customers are eligible to extend their payment pause. This is because it may not be the most suitable option for you. If you wish to discuss your situation, contact Customer Care on 1800 701 599.

Does a home loan repayment pause affect my credit history?

If your loan is up to date at the time you obtain a repayment pause, your credit file with reporting bodies won't be adversely affected by your repayment pause.

If your home loan(s) is in arrears, at the time of your request:

  • you won't be eligible for a repayment pause or a further repayment pause; but
  • we may be able to give you other hardship support.

Regardless of your current position, if you need assistance, please call us on 1800 701 599.

Can I still make partial repayments during my repayment pause?

Yes. You can make one-off or partial repayments during your repayment pause.

As interest continues to be charged to your loan during the repayment pause, partial payments will help to reduce your interest.

What happens after the repayment pause period on my home loan?

Once your repayment pause period ends, your standard repayment schedule in your contract starts

If your loan balance is higher after your payment pause ends, we may need to increase the amount of your repayments.

We do this to ensure you can repay your loan within your loan term. If this happens, you will be advised in writing.

Your repayment pause doesn’t change your loan term.

Will interest still apply?

As you don’t make repayments during your pause period, interest continues to accrue on your loan. There is no change to the way we calculate interest.

At the end of your repayment pause, your loan balance may increase, and your repayment amount may need to change. These repayments may be higher than your current repayments and will incur a higher amount of interest over the life of the loan.

We do this to ensure that you can repay your loan under your contract terms.

What is the difference between a redraw and offset?

If redraw and offset options are available under your NAB home loan, it is important to remember they operate differently.

Redraw explained

Redraw allows you to access available loan funds if you’ve made additional repayments above your scheduled minimum repayments.

Redraw is usually available for home loan account customers who have a variable rate and have made more than one additional repayment.

The amount of money you can redraw is adjusted throughout the life of your loan. It is based on the difference between your actual loan balance and your scheduled loan balance.

This means you can’t always redraw an amount equal to the full amount you have paid ahead.

Offset explained

When you have an offset, we link your NAB Home Loan to your NAB transaction account.

Even if your interest rate is variable, interest is charged on the difference between your actual loan balance and the credit balance in your linked transaction account.

The funds in your transaction account remain your funds to use as you wish.

Will I still be charged home loan fees (such as Choice Package annual fee, monthly fees) during the pause period?

Yes. Fees will continue to apply during the repayment pause period.

If you have fees charged to your transaction account or your home loan account, they will continue to be charged.

While you won’t have to make repayments during your pause, your loan balance will be higher because of fees incurred during your pause period. This may result in higher repayments and interest being charged over the remaining life of the loan.

What happens during my repayment pause?

If you’ve had a repayment pause for four months or more, we’ll get in touch to ask how you’re tracking.

Halfway through your repayment pause, you’ll receive an SMS from us.

If your situation has improved and you’d like to restart your repayments, you can cancel your repayment pause early.

If you continue with your repayment pause, we’ll call to talk about other options available after your pause ends.

Can I cancel my repayment pause?

If you would like to cancel your repayment pause early, contact us on 1800 701 599.

How do I make repayments during my repayment pause?

You can make partial repayments during your repayment pause.

To do this, transfer your partial payment amount into your home loan or offset account.

It’s always best to pay off as much as you can to avoid additional interest charges after your repayment pause ends.


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