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Other things to advise your clients


Contact us

Here's how you can contact us on behalf of your client:

NAB Bereavement Support

GPO BOX 2067

Melbourne Victoria 3001

If your client had any business with the following, you’ll need to contact them separately to finalise their accounts:

NAB Insurance - 13 22 95

NAB Cash Manager - 1800 036 171

NAB OnLine Trading - 13 13 80

Customer Care - 1800 701 599

NAB Shareholder Services - 1300 367 647

NAB Business accounts - 13 10 12

NAB Broker (previously Homeside) - 13 22 18

Ubank - 13 30 80

MLC - 13 26 52
You can also contact MLC Trustee Claims if you're unsure your client held an insurance policy or had superannuation with MLC.

You'll also need to advise your client to contact a number of other organisations like phone companies, gas and electricity, council rates, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) etc.


Need further support?

Here's a list of organisations to contact for more support and advice.

Financial Hardship

We can offer you help if you're experiencing financial difficulty.

Financial advice

If you've inherited money and need help with what to do with it, we can help you.

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NAB Bereavement Support

Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm (AEST/AEDT)
If you're overseas call +61 03 9208 5577