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Getting the grant of probate

When a person dies, somebody needs to deal with their estate, so a grant of probate lets the executor of the estate do this. When the executor receives the grant they can collect and distribute the funds of your family member or friend's estate.

The executor can apply for the grant through the Supreme Court in their state or territory. Probate is required for estate amounts over $50,000.

What happens if there's no will

If someone dies without a valid will, the person’s next-of-kin will be entitled to administer the estate.

For estates with assets valued over $50,000, letters of administration will need to be obtained from the Supreme Court, appointing someone to administer the deceased estate.

What happens to the bank accounts

Accounts in your family member or friend's name only

We'll freeze all savings and transaction accounts solely owned by your family member or friend until the estate is finalised.

Joint accounts

Once we've sighted the original death certificate, or received a certified copy, we'll transfer all accounts in joint names into the name of the surviving joint account holder.

Credit cards

If possible, we'll pay the credit card debt from funds available in your family member or friend’s savings or transaction accounts.

If you were an additional cardholder on the account, you'll need to apply for a credit card in your own name.

Joint home loans

Let us know if there are plans to sell the property or if you're waiting to pay out the loan with superannuation or insurance. If not, we may be able to transfer the mortgage into the name of the surviving home loan holder.

This will require a new loan application and additional supporting documentation needs to be provided.

Joint personal loans

If you're the joint account holder you'll need to continue making payments on this account. You can contact NAB Care on 1800 701 599 if you're having difficulty making the repayments.

Using your joint credit cards

If you're an additional cardholder of a credit card held in your family member or friend's name, you'll no longer be able to use your card once we're notified of their death.

You can apply for a new card in your own name in any of the following ways:

When applying online or over the phone, please contact NAB Bereavement Support to let them know you've submitted a new application. You'll need to provide your new application reference number and old credit card number so your new card request is prioritised.

How long it takes us to release funds

Once we've received all the documentation and we've paid any outstanding debt, the balances from savings and transaction accounts will go towards the estate.

The length of time depends on how many accounts were held by your family member or friend and their value. It may take longer if we're waiting for a grant of probate.

National Australia Trustees

National Australia Trustees have years of expertise dealing with the complexities of estate administration and other trustee services.

Need further support?

Here's a list of organisations to contact for more support and advice.

Financial Hardship

We can offer you help if you're experiencing financial difficulty.

Financial advice

If you've inherited money and need help with what to do with it, we can help you.

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