The revised and more expansive ePayments Code, effective from 20 March 2013, is designed to provide you with greater protection when you conduct electronic funds transfer transactions.

Find out more about ePayments Code - some changes to your terms and conditions applicable to: Personal Transaction and Savings Product Terms and Conditions effective 18/03/2013 and NAB Cash Manager Terms and Conditions effective 18/03/2013 (PDF, 316KB).

The code has been revised to include advances in technology, such as telephone and computer banking, smart cards and electronic cash but continues to cover electronic funds transfers undertaken via an ATM or EFTPOS.

The changes to the code include:

  • improved complaint and dispute resolution processes.
  • greater clarity around who is liable for any unauthorised transactions that are debited to your account.
  • requirements for account holders to take reasonable steps to secure their card and code (eg. PIN).
  • providing account holders with a minimum of 20 days notice of:
    • any increases or introducing changes to fees and charges relating to using an access method.
    • increasing an account holders liability for loss and or introducing, removing or altering any transaction limits that apply to using an access method eg card, PIN, access code or password.

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