To transfer money to another country you’ll need the following information from your recipient:

  • Their full name and street address (not a PO Box)
  • The IBAN or bank account number
  • A SWIFT code or BIC (this identifies their bank) or the full bank address
  • Any other information they have like sort codes or routing code

Transfer money online

To transfer money overseas now login to internet banking.

If you need some help, we can show you how easy it is. Watch our video, Transfer money overseas using NAB internet banking.

If you transfer your money in the destination currency, you’ve locked in your exchange rate so you know how much you’re sending.

Transfer money through a branch

It’s cheaper to do it yourself online, but we can help you send the money from any branch.


We can only tell you the fees we charge to send money overseas. The receiving banks may charge other fees.

Read about our Fees and charges for international payments.

What happens next

  • The money leaves your account shortly after you submit your transfer, generally within one business day.
  • The recipient should get the money in one to three business days.
  • We’ll return your funds if the transfer is unsuccessful.

Call us on 1300 888 413 if you have any questions about the transfer.

Still have questions?

If you'd like more information about transferring money overseas, take a look at our international funds transfer guide.

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