Benefits of using NAB

Whether you regularly receive money from overseas, or just need to receive a one-off payment, we make it simple for you or your business.

Simple and efficient overseas payments

Receiving money from overseas is an easy two-step process. Give the payment sender your details, and wait for the sender to complete the transfer. 

Tailored solutions for regular users

Whether you do business around the world every day, or just regularly receive international transfers, we can help.

Access to competitive rates

Eligibility criteria applies. Call our NAB Market specialists to discuss your eligibility and rates on 1300 960 355.

Changes to the inward foreign currency cheque service

From 30th July 2022, we will no longer be accepting foreign currency cheques.
You can still receive payments from overseas by providing your account details to the payment sender and requesting they send an international funds transfer.

Fees and charges

This table shows the costs for transfers via NAB in Australian Dollars (AUD) or foreign currency.

Transfer Method Fee Amount
Transfers to a NAB account in any currency Up to $15
Transfers via NAB to a non-NAB account in AUD Up to $30
Foreign currency transferred via NAB unconverted to another bank Up to $35
Australian Dollars sent via NAB to an offshore account Up to $35

International transfer fees

Sometimes the sender may tell us to charge our fee to them. If this happens, we won’t charge you and may charge the sending bank a higher amount.

We act as a go-between (or ‘intermediary’) for many overseas banks so they can send payments to other Australian banks. When this happens, we may first change the payment into AUD before sending the funds to another bank.

If we convert your funds, we’ll let your bank know the foreign exchange rate we’ve used and the amount of fees we’ve taken out, if any.

Details the sender will need

To avoid money going to the wrong account, make sure you’ve given the sender the correct details. You can find most of these details using your account statements or online banking.

  • We won’t be responsible and accept no liability for any transfers that are not sent to the intended recipient because incorrect details were provided. We don’t check names against account or BSB numbers.

Here is the information the sender will need.

  • The BSB and bank account number you want the money sent to.  (Australian banks don’t use IBANs).

  • The full legal name on your bank account. Note, we don’t check if your legal name is associated with the bank account.

  • The street address (home or business) linked to your account.

  • The NAB branch address where you opened your account.

  • Our BIC or SWIFT code NATAAU3303M.

  • A NAB Foreign Currency Account doesn’t need a BSB, only an account number. If asked for one, you can use 082-039. To receive money into an AUD account, you will need to provide a BSB number.

Remember, we process transfers based on the BSB and bank account and not the full legal name on your bank account.

It’s likely the sender will need to provide information about us to the sending bank, which depends on the currency being transferred.

We use correspondent banks around the world to process international transfers.

The table below shows a list of our correspondent banks and the major foreign currency they process for us.

Please note, this list may change without notice.

Our correspondent banks by major currencies

  Melbourne’s account number Account with bank and SWIFT/BIC
Melbourne’s account number
Account with bank and SWIFT/BIC
Citibank NA., New York
Melbourne’s account number
Sort Code 16-00-34
Account with bank and SWIFT/BIC
Royal Bank of Scotland, London
Melbourne’s account number
Account with bank and SWIFT/BIC
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., Tokyo
Melbourne’s account number
Account with bank and SWIFT/BIC
Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
Melbourne’s account number
Account with bank and SWIFT/BIC
Bank of New Zealand

How it works

Receiving money from overseas is a simple process for business and personal customers. Depending on whether you’re receiving Australian Dollar (AUD) or a foreign currency, this is how it works. 

AUD transfers from an overseas sender

AUD amounts will be credited directly into the account number provided to us by the sender.

Foreign currency transfers from an overseas sender

  1. If you’ve given the details of a NAB transaction or savings account to the overseas sender, we’ll change the foreign currency into AUD using the applicable exchange rates at the time of processing.

  2. We may ask you or the sender for further instructions if your payments are above a certain amount, or if we have any concerns regarding our ability to process your payment.

  3. You can calculate the approximate amount you’ll receive in AUD using our indicative foreign exchange rates

  4. We may need to contact you to finalise your payment. To avoid delays, make sure your contact details are up to date

NAB Foreign Currency Account holders

If you’ve given your NAB Foreign Currency Account details to the sender, you’ll be able to receive the funds in the overseas sender’s currency. It must match the currency of your NAB Foreign Currency Account.

Learn more about foreign accounts and eligible currencies.

If you’re a business customer, you’ll be able to view your NAB Foreign Currency Account and transact on it through NAB Connect.

If you’re not a business customer, this is how to access your funds or account details:

  • Receiving printed account statements
  • Contacting us
  • Submit a request at a branch or through your banker.

Payment timeframes

We generally process on the same business day if we receive the payment instruction before cut-off times. We may not be able to notify you of delays in processing payments.

If a future payment date is advised by the sender, we’ll process your payment on or after that date.

Locating payments

If you haven’t received an expected international transfer, you can ask the sender for the exact amount and currency that has been transferred along with either:

  • the SWIFT GPI tracking number of the transfer (which consists of numbers and letters)
  • the name of the bank the sender has used to initiate the transfer, and any payment reference number from the sending bank. 

Contact our International Help Desk on 1300 888 413 with this information to locate your payment. If NAB can’t locate the payment with the details you have and if you still haven’t received the transfer, the sender will need to address this with their transferring bank directly.

Help and support

  • We can reject inward international telegraphic transfers coming into your account if:

    • there has been an error in the account details supplied
    • the payment doesn’t meet either NAB internal policy, or regulatory guidelines associated with anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing.
    • the sending bank wishes the payment to be cancelled (before we have processed it)
    • we have grounds to think the instruction was issued fraudulently.

    We won’t always advise you of when your payment has been rejected, but we will advise the sending bank.

  • Delays can occur due to international or Australian public holidays or other disruptions to the general banking system.

    Other reasons we may not be able to process your payment on time include:

    • we received a payment in a different currency to the account it is going in to
    • the payment doesn’t meet either NAB internal policy, or regulatory guidelines associated with anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing
    • the funds are not available from the sending bank.

    We won’t be responsible and accept no liability for any delays in transfers.

  • For any problems or disputes regarding an inward international telegraphic transfer, please contact our International Payment Service Desk on 1300 888 413 and select option 2.

    If an issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can raise your concerns with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA):


    telephone: 1800 931 678 (free call)

    in writing to: Australian Financial Complaints Authority, GPO Box 3, Melbourne, VIC 3001

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